Beat the Heat & The Odds with BUFF® UV Gear


Beat the Heat & The Odds with BUFF® UV Gear

When heading out on the course, odds are that things are going to get intense, and will mostly likely not go as planned.

No matter how prepared you are, expect something to go wrong. When it does, you won’t be surprised and you’ll be ready to go with the flow.

So, what exactly does “prepared” mean? Gear! You should always bring some extra items in your pack that can come in handy when racing in adverse conditions. The BUFF® UV Multifunctional Headband and BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves are great companions for any obstacle you face.

The BUFF® UV Multifunctional Headband holds so many purposes, protecting you from UV rays, keeping hair, sweat and mud out of your eyes, keeping you warm when it’s cold, and can be used as a make-shift wrap if you twist an ankle.

The BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves are lightweight and easily packable so you can put them on when the sun comes out and use them to prevent chaffing on a rope climb or moving over a wall.

*Pro-tip: When I race, or do long training runs in the heat, I often wear the BUFF® Arm Sleeves. One might wonder why I would add a layer to my body verses striping down. Well, the BUFF® Arm Sleeves serve as a great “pocket” for ice cubes. I’ve stuffed my sleeves with ice from aid stations and it has helped keep my body cool. The icy wet sleeves will chill the blood flowing back and forth from your arms to your vital organs… thus helping to cool down your entire body.

Depending on your event you may use these products in different ways. The BUFF® UV Multifunctional Headband and BUFF® UV Arm Sleeves are two items that always serve a purpose for whatever you are getting into. It doesn’t matter what length or distance, as well as level of intensity. These are two pieces that are small enough to stuff in any pack, but can play a huge roll in the success of your race.

Keep these pieces in your gear kit when preparing for your next training run or race. You’ll be glad you’re prepared when something goes wrong, and it always does!

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