Civillian Military Combine – Introducing an OCRWC Obstacle

From start to finish, the Civilian Military Combine (CMC) was an event that truly had options for everyone to challenge themselves or just have a fun time. As a one of a kind hybrid obstacle course race and fitness competition, CMC provided options for the elite obstacle course racer as well as the weekend warrior, and even kids too. For those seeking a challenge, CMC’s Diamondback obstacle was announced as an OCRWC obstacle for this year – a true testament to their innovative and tough obstacles!


Having a CrossFit background, The Pit was one of my favorite parts of the day. CMC is advertised as a hybrid obstacle race series because of the 5 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) style workout before the race. With divisions for all abilities: Alpha – bodyweight, Bravo – kettlebell, and Charlie – barbell, it truly is for everyone. After 5 minutes of burpees, lunges, and other exercises, racers get 5 minutes before queueing up and hitting the course.


The first elite wave went off 30 minutes behind schedule, which set the rest of the heats back. The number of racers waiting outside The Pit quickly grew to a crowd and those in front went in for the next heat, regardless of wave time.


The majority of the course was grass, weaving around the buildings on base and making use of every last hill. One particular slope was used for the Wreck Bag carry which had racers ascend the hill four times. Small portions of the course crossed paved roads and sidewalks and even some small sections of stairs.

Course marking seemed sparse in one particular section of the course that was crossed several times. A little extra tape or spray paint would have gone a long way in directing racers, but after a few heats, volunteers made sure racers knew where to go.


Racers seemed particularly pleased with the obstacle innovation. In addition to the typical obstacles such as the 8-foot wall and rope climb, CMC added in a few that threw even your seasoned obstacle racers for a loop. The first worth mentioning is Diamondback, which has now been revealed as an OCR World Championship obstacle. Diamondback begins and ends with inverted climbs on wide bars which makes this twist on a classic obstacle that much more challenging! The bars were quite wide and fairly spread out testing both your grip strength and flexibility.


Other notables include a wreck bag carry with 25 and 50-pound options, as well as a dummy carry later in the race which was an awkwardly shaped 60 pounds for everyone.


The mud pit was quite small and there was only one, but with the wire hanging just over the mud, you had to get low and dirty.


Thankfully immediately after, there was a refreshing dip in a dumpster of water covered with plywood, forcing you in, but also rinsing you off.


There were two different rigs, the second harder than the first. One was similar to Spartan’s and the other was unlike any other rig I had ever seen. The first began with a rope climb to a floating bar. From there you had to swing across 3 rings and traverse another floating bar before hitting the bell. The second rig was the last obstacle before the finish. It began with a climb up a free hanging pole. From the top of the pole, you had to grab a hold of a ring which spun freely on a wheel. Two more of those and you’re on to floating monkey bars before hitting the bell.



After crossing the finish line, racers received a hefty gold finisher’s medal which definitely delivered a sense of pride in your accomplishment. Although the finisher shirts were cotton, they were a military coyote color with a simple CMC Finisher logo on the front, an American flag on the sleeve, and came in a wide variety of men’s and women’s sizes. The festival grounds offered several food options including food trucks and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, as well as quite a few popular OCR merchandise vendors, such as Obstacle Guard.

The course seemed to be about a mile shorter than expected, but it was overall a really fun event. It was a hot and sunny day in New York and everyone said they were glad to see CMC make a return and hope they do again in the future.


CMC Race announces first 2016 Date

CMC Fort Hamilton

As we learned, a little over a month ago, CMC is relaunching later this year. Starting tomorrow morning, you will be able to register for the first 2016 event.

Some important facts:

  • Tickets go on sale tomorrow at
  • The event takes place Saturday, September 10th, 2016
  • The location is Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY.
  • New obstacles being launched include The Irish Table, Spin City, Ranger Ropes and The Flying Monkey
  • CMC will be the newest OCRWC qualifier
  • They are adding the new CMCPRO Divisions with cash prizes (overall and Masters)
  • They are adding CMCKIDS (Kids races with mini PITs)
  • CMC is “in communication with a number of other venues regarding maybe adding three or four additional 2016 Fall dates”

ORM Archive: A previous review from CMC held in NY.

Complete press release:


September 9 – 10, 2016: Tickets on Sale March 15, 2016

New York, March 14, 2016 – Civilian Military Combine LLC (CMC) announced the launch of its 2016 obstacle race series at historic Ft. Hamilton, Brooklyn, New York. A two day event, CMC Ft. Hamilton will include a corporate team building day on September 9 where civilians are teamed up with service men and women, and first responders, then the official launch on September 10 where participants of any age or fitness level can race as individuals or as a team.

CMC stands apart from the other obstacle course races in the market as the original “hybrid” obstacle course race that exclusively combines a WOD strength training AMRAP timed component – The PIT™ – followed by a 5 mile race with 25+ military grade obstacles.

This year, CMC introduces exciting new elements to the series including obstacles such as The Irish Table, Spin City, Ranger Ropes and The Flying Monkey (as seen on American Ninja Warrior); CMCPRO heats with cash prizes; and CMCKIDS where kids can try their very own PIT™ experience along with a one mile obstacle course.

Garfield Griffiths, CMC’s VP of Event Operations and one of the country’s top obstacle course race producers said “I am extremely excited for the relaunch of the all new CMC. While we have many new features and upgrades in store, we have stayed true to the original hybrid obstacle course race format. Also, The PIT™ has been upgraded with new divisions and a more efficient, simpler scoring system that I’m confident everyone will appreciate.”

Located in the heart of Brooklyn overlooking NY Harbor and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Fort Hamilton is the last active military base in the city of New York. It was from this location on July 4, 1776, at the start of the American Revolution, that an American battery fired cannons at an approaching British naval convoy. Today, it’s a US Army Base Support Installation for the greater New York City area, playing a major role in coordinating disaster relief efforts and it serves members of the military, their families, and over 70,000 veterans.

Tickets for the Ft. Hamilton CMC go on sale Tuesday March 15, 2016 at Additional venues and event dates for fall 2016 will be announced soon. For updates visit


About Civilian Military Combine

Founded in 2011, CMC is a health and lifestyle fitness brand that has developed a highly recognized, cutting edge, military inspired hybrid obstacle course race, featuring the additional challenge of The PIT™, a timed WOD-style cross training element that starts the race. CMC was designed to level the playing field between endurance and strength athletes, and is an event for all who live a life of athleticism, community and patriotism.

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