Joe Di – The Beef About Bags and Buckets.

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Joe Di and Amelia Boone on Spartan Podium Rules

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Joe Di And Boone

On today’s episode we got on the phone with Joe Di from Spartan to get some clarity on the new Spartan Race rules. Those rules, that were posted earlier this week, concern, among other things, race attire and podium attire. He also lets us know how the first Spartan of the year went, and gives us a preview of the upcoming Greek Peak Winter Spartan.

We also had a chance to catch up with the most decorated female athlete in the sport, Amelia Boone, to get her to further explain her thoughts on the rules and the current state of OCR.

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Show Notes:

Solo’s thoughts on the new rules

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Tahoe 2016 aka Moss and Snow

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Today’s episode is an all timer. We discuss pretty much everything that went down in Tahoe last weekend at the Spartan World Championship.

Joe Desena takes us on his Tahoe Beast journey with Randy Moss and some other distinguished guests. We answer the questions about what Randy did or didn’t do, and how Joe feels about all of it.

We then talk to Joe Di about drug testing and how Spartan handled snow and wind mid race in Tahoe.

You know we never like to reveal too much in teasers so tune in to get the rest.

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