CMC Returns With An All Star Team/Keith Allen Talks Obstacle TV

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We begin today’s show with on-site interviews from the (well received) return of Civilian Military Combine from last weekend.

You will hear from:

Amelia Boone – TV Commentator
Coach Pain – Pit MC
Robb McCoy – Finish Line MC
Rich Rosa -Managing Partner
Garfield Griffiths – Race Director/Mad Genius

Next up is a phone chat Matt B. and Keith Allen. They discuss the recent obstacle based tv shows we have seen so far in 2016. These include American Ninja Warrior, BattleFrog College/League Championship, The Spartan Race U.S. Championship Series and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.

It’s a lively 1 hour 19 minute episode to make up for the brevity of last week’s show.

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