Ruckus Race is Done

Obstacle Racing Media is predicting that Ruckus Sports, LLC will announce that they are permanently out of business in the next few days if not sooner. On October 30, they abruptly announced that their event scheduled for 3 days later in Marshfield, MA near Boston was postponed.

A promised medal many will never see.

A promised medal many will never see.

In an article ORM released on the 30th, we reported that was not allowing for any 2013 or 2014 Ruckus Race registrations, despite the fact that those dates were still on the Ruckus website. This included the race in Lake Lanier, Georgia scheduled for less than two weeks from today.

Some in the community have been saying that Ruckus could be the next race to go under as they have had a string of cancellations/postponements. With only 9 days notice, Ruckus Sports decided to postpone their Fall 2013 DC Ruckus Run which was to take place on September 28th.

Similarly Ruckus Races that were scheduled for St Louis (October 12th) and Houston (October 26th) were abruptly canceled a few weeks prior. It appears the final Ruckus Race was the Pittsburgh area event which took place on July 13th.

Various members of the OCR community have attempted to contact Ruckus via email, the Ruckus Facebook page, and by phone. To date, Ruckus has not responded. In addition, Ruckus employees that ORM had relationships with were told to stop working and go home the same day the Boston “postponement” went out. None of them would speak to us on record with anything official.

Getting no clear answers from Ruckus or Active, ORM reached out to Steel Sports, which announced an investment deal with Ruckus back in March of this year. We were successful in reaching Steel Sports, but got a firm “No comment”.

Ruckus LLC was also producing The Walking Dead Escape, a zombie run that produced events this year in New York and San

Upset fans attempt to warn others in the community.

Upset fans attempt to warn others in the community.

Diego. Obstacle Racing Media reached out directly to AMC, the network which produces “The Walking Dead”. AMC has yet to get back to us at this time. We will keep you posted as we find out more.



In the wake of the many racing cancellations, ORM will feature an article discussing how to dispute charges and get refunds on your credit and debit card. Stay tuned.