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When Amelia Boone entered the World’s Toughest Mudder in December of 2011, she was an unknown 27-year-old attorney living in Chicago. A few of her buddies thought it might be cool to try out this crazy, overnight version of an obstacle racing event called The Tough Mudder. 24 plus hour later, she was the 2nd placed female. It turns out only a handful of all participants (men or women) could endure the freezing temperatures and water submersions.

By the end of 2015, Amelia would appear on 35 obstacle racing podiums. Many sponsors jumped on board along with several mainstream media articles, one dubbing her “The Queen of Pain”. Some of her best performances would be in the longest and most difficult events in the obstacle racing space. She won both the World’s Toughest Mudder and multi-day Spartan Death Race 3 times each. She even entered a local 30K trail race in December and won that too.

In February of 2016, Amelia continued to excel as a remarkable endurance athlete. She finished 2nd in the Sean O’Brien 100K and earned a Golden Ticket at The Western States 100-mile race. A Western States entry is one of the most sought-after prizes in ultra-running. A couple of months later, her huge high became a pride crushing disappointment as Amelia fractured her femur and had to postpone her Western States debut.

The following two years became a series of injuries and “semi – comebacks”.  Amelia struggled, as she would race, get injured, rehab, race, get injured, and then repeat the cycle. Rumors swirled about Amelia as people watched her rise and fall with injuries. People quietly judged and wondered why she was frequently breaking bones. Sadly, as with any woman in the public eye, their looks and bodies are scrutinized. You’re either too thin, or too fat, or too much makeup or not enough.

One month ago, Amelia wrote about her lifelong struggles with anorexia, which she had never spoken or written about publicly. Here is an excerpt.

“I had spent the past 20 years starving. Literally: not just physically, but emotionally. I was tired of fighting and so fucking tired of being hungry.”

On this episode of the podcast, Amelia Boone talks about:

  • What led her to check herself into treatment at Opal Food and Body.
  • How and why she does gratitude lists every morning.
  • What NOT to say to someone who struggles with an eating disorder.
  • The backlash to being in the spotlight.
  • Why “Spartan Up” isn’t necessarily a good solution to a problem.
  • Her plan to be at World’s Toughest Mudder at 2019 for one last time?

Show Notes:

All things Amelia Boone

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When Amelia Met Barkley

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Amelia Boone Barkley Marathon

Amelia Boone recounts her 2018 Barkley Marathon experience.

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Show Notes:

Barkley Marathon 2018 Part One

Barkley Marathon 2018 Part Two

Amelia’s blog about Barkley

Cover photo credit: Howie Stern

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Amelia Boone – Back To The Future

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Amelia 2013

About 4 years and 200 episodes ago, I talked to Amelia Boone about the shocking (at the time) revelations that the Tough Mudder team had just announced about that year’s upcoming WTM. Since Amelia and I had already spoken earlier this week, I thought it would be fun to replay this old interview as well.

When I dug into that old episode, I found a gem with my daughter Emma, old ads, and more. So listen in to this exciting snapshot into the OCR landscape that was 2013.

Also, today’s Amelia talks about her recent Texas race performance, her time in the new Spartan Live booth, and the upcoming Monterey Super.
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Show Notes:

A fun video from Mud Guts and Glory 2013.

The original June 2013 episode in it’s entirety.

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Joe Di and Amelia Boone on Spartan Podium Rules

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Joe Di And Boone

On today’s episode we got on the phone with Joe Di from Spartan to get some clarity on the new Spartan Race rules. Those rules, that were posted earlier this week, concern, among other things, race attire and podium attire. He also lets us know how the first Spartan of the year went, and gives us a preview of the upcoming Greek Peak Winter Spartan.

We also had a chance to catch up with the most decorated female athlete in the sport, Amelia Boone, to get her to further explain her thoughts on the rules and the current state of OCR.

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Show Notes:

Solo’s thoughts on the new rules

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Spartan Race’s New “U.S. Championship Series”

Spartan Race are announcing a brand new “U.S. Championship Series” which will have payouts of $100,000 and coincide with all of the NBC televised races this year.

Here are the highlights. (Entire press release can be found at the end of this article).

  • Spartan are essentially creating a “mini season” with 5 televised races.
  • They have chosen to give each of the 5 races a cool sounding name.
  • Each race in the Series will pay the first 5 places a larger payout than regular races.
  • Overall Series payouts will pay down to 20 places
  • You must race 4 of the 5 races to qualify as Series Champion.
  • There will still be a separate “*Spartan World Champion” crowned at the Beast in Tahoe. To qualify for the Tahoe Championship, athletes need a coin to participate, just as they did in 2015. Read all about earning your 2016 coin here.

*This once a year race has been how Spartan have determined champions since 2011. It was held in Glen Rose, Texas in 2011, Killington, Vermont from 2012-2014, and Tahoe in 2015.

Here is the lineup for this first ever Championship Series.

Event: Montana Sprint   Name: Big Sky Sprint

Race Date: May 8    TV Date: July 20

Montana Spartan

Event: Monterey Super   Name: Golden State Classic

Race Date: June 4    TV Date: August 23

Monterey Spartan

Event: Pennsylvania Super   Name: Blue Mountain Challenge

Race Date: July 16    TV Date: August 23

Palmerton Spartan Race

Event: Asheville Super   Name: Southeast Showdown

Race Date: August 6   TV Date: September 27

Asheville Spartan Super

Event: Breckenridge Beast   Name: The Summit

Race Date: August 27  TV Date: October 11

Spartan Breckenridge

We reached out to several top racers for their reactions.

Amelia Boone, Spartan Pro Team. WTM Champ 2012, 2013, 2015 and Spartan Points Champion 2015 told us:

I’m stoked! I also appreciate Spartan’s attempt to make each race into a WWE pay-per-view. I hope it comes with entrance music for each competitor.

Lindsay Webster, BattleFrog Pro Team,  2nd in last year’s Tahoe Championship, 2015 OCRWC Champion said:

Elite athletes in OCR really appreciate Spartan’s efforts to grow and televise the sport, and it looks like they’ve come up with another great way to do it here. Not only does this give us some fantastic opportunities to go head-to-head with our top competitors on a regular basis throughout the season, but the televised coverage goes such a long way for us as athletes in gaining exposure for ourselves.

Chad Trammell, Spartan Pro Team, 2015 WTM Champ responded with:

This guarantees all the top guys will be at all the races! Last year it seemed like about half of the top racers would show up at a given TV race, but there won’t be any ducking the competition this year. I know this announcement already has me reconfiguring my summer schedule to attend all the TV races.

2105 Tahoe Championship Robert Killian added:

With training going well and a great start to the season, I’m pumped to hear that Spartan Race will put on the first National Championship series pitting Americans best against each other. This is what our sport needs to take it to the next level and I’m honored to be a part of it. I’ll be blunt, I want the title! Especially since the last race will be held in Breckenridge Colorado where I finished my first Spartan Race last year.

Spartan released a teaser video this afternoon.

$100,000+ in Prizes. 5 Races. 1 Champion. Introducing the Spartan U.S. Championship Series. Race it then watch on NBCSN.

Posted by Spartan Race on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Posted by Spartan Race on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some additional info can be found here.

The complete press release can be found here.