Slippery Wall


The slippery wall is often an obstacle that appears near the end at every race.  It’s not the toughest but you really need to use a basic technique and not stop before you reach the top.

The obstacle is made up of a wall at about a 45 degree angle with ropes hanging about every 1.5 feet; and the wall is wet/muddy.  Everyone uses the rope, the first place elite finishers use the rope, don’t feel like it is an accomplishment to not use the rope.  If you try and run up the wall you may make it but if you don’t there is a good chance you will face plant.


To get up the slippery wall you will want to essentially walk yourself up the wall while keeping your legs at nearly 90 degrees to the wall you are walking up.  The only way this is possible is by using the rope to support yourself while walking. Don’t stop when you are near the top and lunge to the peak.  You need to get far enough up so that with one hand on the rope the other hand can reach the top.

Stick Figure Demonstration:


spartan-race-slippery-wall-4 spartan-race-slippery-wall-5


And a view from the top:



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