Rolling Mud

Rolling Mud is a fun and mildly challenging obstacle. It also occurs at a high percentage of Spartan Races, almost every outdoor race.  What Rolling Mud consists of is a hill followed by a water pit and this repeats 2-5 times in a row. The hill is between 5-10 feet tall and the water is 2-4 feet deep. And as you can guess the hill is a slippery muddy mess and the pits are never predictable in their depth.

The best way to go about this is not the slow wading through the muddy water people that most people do.  Once you are in the water it won’t change so much that you need to worry about the ground.  Just step fast and cautiously though the pit and use your hands and feet to run and claw your way out of the pit.  Not really complicated, here are photos of what it often looks like:





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