Warrior Dash Nebraska – The Cornfield OCR

We have all been to some out there places for obstacle racing and Nebraska is definitely one of those “out there” places surrounded by cornfields, grain bins, barns and miles of nothing. Eastern Nebraska had a obstacle takeover as Warrior Dash rolled through town for it’s Elements Tour.

Nebraska Courses are known to be fast with a flat terrain, little rocks and minimal trees to dash around with most sites being farmland.


What I loved about the location:

  • Wide running paths with plenty of space for racers to not clip each other
  • Fast course built for speed
  • Well staffed with med team
  • AMAZING volunteers. I can’t say this enough about this race in general, everyone was VERY nice, helpful and greeted better than any race I have ever been to (and that is alot!)
  • Good parking
  • Fooooood. Was so so good!

What I would have loved to see:

  • A better kids course (this area was a big let down as a parent)
  • MORE MUD! But just can’t ever get enough
  • Better upper body obstacles, never felt challenged in this area at all
  • More obstacles that are a bigger challenge
  • Better starting line location
  • More space after finish, was too congested

A new favorite from the sounds of it and me personally is the “Pallet Jacked”, probably my inner Ninja, but people really felt challenged on it and it was well staffed by medical.

Friends help friends hose off. The wash off area was great with ALL hoses working ( a rarity!) In true OCR fashion, people did help others hose off and it was just awesome.

It was surprising to hear how far across Nebraska people drove to attend Warrior Dash NE, some 6 hours, furthest I heard was an 8 hour drive. Pretty in Pink, Father Faughter, or just fun frieds, groups dominated the day.





One of the greatest things about Warrior Dash is the great amount of teams and teamwork that you always see. From patching pink groups to strangers going hand in hand out of mud puts, Warrior Dashers stick together.

This mud put was the pit of all pits, but was the muddiest part of the course just at the end. The slide before for safety no longer runs water, which was disappointing, but understandable. It does not function well without water and hope they have an obstacle change soon.


The Festival layout had plenty of space to move around and athletes to warm-up. The food area was on point with one of the best food trucks ever at a race! BBQ pork, chicken fingers, tots and fries ready and fresh at a good price. I definitely varied from my diet to partake in the deliciousness.

One improvement for the festival area would be more seating and less cornhole. The game was rarely populated.


Festival Area WD NE




Pushed past some limits after being in “Ninja” shape for so long, mileage is definitely not on my radar in training to often anymore, so this race hurt! Congrats to the Top runners who qualified for the World Finals!

Top 3 Male and Female WD NE
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