Bone Frog Challenge- Staten Island

Over time society has changed all of us to want and expect more from races, which, to me, simply overshadows the real reason we started racing in the first place.

On October 4th, the Bone Frog Challenge came to Staten Island and not only did it grab me by my Salomans and throw my face in the dirt for the main course but it also reminded me of why I love to race.


The Bone Frog Challenge sent us athletes on an unknown adventure for our senses, scattering 31 military style obstacles throughout the 9+ mile-wooded course mother nature definitely broke the mold on. The Bone Frog will challenge you unlike any other obstacle course and without a doubt make you realize you can.

bone frog fb

There is no hype needed for this race, the inspiration and main driving factor to the Bone Frog Challenge is having the honor of racing along side some of our nations best, the Navy SEALs who serve and protect our country. This is the type of obstacle race that leaves you wanting to run the course again and then come back for more.

bone frog 2

Obstacle Racing has taken over the world by storm to say the least…an extra shout out to the Bone Frog Challenge for keeping it real and opening up their entire series as a qualifying event for the Obstacle Course World Championships for those of us who want to see this sport reach the Olympic level someday. EXTRA BONUS….. the kick-butt free photos! I know for a fact I will be thinking about the Bone Frog Challenge for weeks to come every time I look down at my poison ivy while I am training for the Obstacle Racing World Championships!

*Photos By: Bone Frog Challenge

amybioAmy Palmiero-Winters is a mother of two, mentor, coach, and a compassionate individual. She gives motivational speeches and runs marathons pushing wheelchair-bound children, trying to inspire them to push beyond their obstacles as she has. Her tragic story turned triumphant gives hope to people – both able-bodied and amputees – and proves that nothing is impossible. This is her first review for ORM.


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