Dirty Girl Mud Run Review- Atlanta 2015

My first time running the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I was signed up for two races so wasn’t sure what to expect and hadn’t done either before. I have only been running obstacle races since last August. I fell in love with obstacle course racing and I will continue to do them. We arrived at the venue around 1:15. I had seen all of the posts on Facebook about long lines and times starting later than expected due to weather. I wasn’t worried just glad to be out for a girls day. We walked up to check in and there were no lines we just went right through. Checked in our bags to bag check which was free. Headed over to the start line where the announcer was still just as happy as could be. There were only about 20 of us in this wave probably smallest wave I have been in.

The race was off! We started out sprinting and ended up walking. Within the first mile there were two inflatables one like tires and the other was one you climbed up and over. The next obstacle was two in one, but the pole slide was shut down due to people hurting themselves earlier in the day. The other one was like bungee cords you had to maneuver through.

Dirty Girl Review

Then came the mud… the best part of the race! It wasn’t as deep as the mud was that I experienced at savage, but it sure was slippery. We helped several people up who had fallen and couldn’t quite make it up again. Along the way we were throwing mud and splashing in the puddles like big kids. It was like a spa day, but much cheaper! Besides I embrace the mud and enjoy being out in nature.

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We were coming to the end of mile two up a small hill with ropes when one girl slipped so we tried to help her, but she made it very clear she didn’t need our help. Then we went over some balance beams with big pink balls followed by a big inflatable slide (one side was ripped earlier so only one half was working). The line was a little long here, but we waited because we had nothing better to do. The wait was only about 20 minutes, but well worth it.


By the end of the slide we were covered in mud and I could barely open my left eye. We climbed over a wall then headed to the end with one last mud pool then we were done. They handed us medals in a package, which was a first. We didn’t wait to shower because the lines were so long. We went back to a friends house and showered there. I had a blast and couldn’t complain. I would more than likely do it again.


*Photos By: Dirty Girl Mud Run


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Christy has a small family whom she loves dearly. Besides dipping her toes in mud, she balances work and college! She believes that making friends and memories are extremely important. Christy puts out positive vibes and lives life to the fullest.

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    1. This review above is from this year. Yes they are under new management. However this was my first year doing this race. I wrote the review so therefore I know it was from 2015.

      1. Christy,

        The “trackback” below is a link to an old article that points to this current article.

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