Color Me Rad Review

color me rad group 2I’m an obstacle racer normally but with all of the themed runs that keep popping up, I figured I needed to do one and find out what it was all about. Well, who would have thought you could have a party at 8am on a Saturday morning and actually still be cool? Well, Color Me Rad did just that! They transformed the International Horse Park in Conyers, GA into a huge party with a couple thousand of my closest friends. After we parked, we heard music blaring and a guy on a microphone getting the crowd totally pumped. There was color blowing all through the air and people everywhere. I immediately thought, I am going to love this!

Packet pick-up was super quick and easy. We got a t-shirt, cool Color Me Rad shades, and a RAD temporary tattoo. At the main stage, the MC continued getting the crowd excited. He would throw packets of color into the crowd and use what looked like a fire extinguisher to blast the runners with color. Of course we had to walk up to the stage to get some color on us too. Even if you didn’t have your own color packet, you just had to stand next to someone who did and you were immediately transformed into a rainbow of colors. We had worn our white tanks to ensure maximum color and they didn’t stay white long. After about 15 minutes of being there, we were ready to run.


One of the cool things about Color Me Rad was the MC was actually telling people to hop in line to run regardless of what heat you signed up for. Since the event is not timed, you could run whenever you wanted. As we moved into the corral, the MC asks how many people had never run a 5k. Probably close to a third of the runners raised their hands. There was also Wendy the Rabbit, who was leading off each of the heats. If you were the first person to catch her, you won a prize she had.

After throwing some more color packets into the line of runners and having a group color blasting, we were set to go. We ran for about ¾ of a mile on the trails before we came upon our first color station. There was so much color in the air you couldn’t see anything. We ran up to one of the volunteers throwing color and we were immediately COVERED in pink cornstarch. We took off running to the next station,color me rad which had liquid yellow! The color was cornstarch and dyed water…what a fun mess! There were 3 more stations where we got doused with color before making our way across the finish line. At the finish, you were given another packet of your own color, just in case you didn’t have enough throughout the 3 miles on the course.

The MC still had the crowd around the stage pumped. There were all sorts of contests such as wheelbarrow, dancing and hula–hoop to win prizes and even when it started to rain, they kept going. More color got thrown out and the music blared! I really can’t come up with any complaints about Color Me Rad. It was a well-organized, easy and an overall super fun run! It is made for anyone who is looking to have an entertaining day of exercise regardless of whether you are a child, parent, walker or runner. I haven’t used the word rad since the eighties; but I can tell you it was totally rad!

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