World's Toughest Podcast 2012 Part One

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:37:56 +0000


                 Here is a link to how all participants finished:

Here is whom you heard on the podcast episodes in order of appearance:

Ray Upshaw

Melody “Tiger” Hazi

Joel Gat

Amelia Boone

Matthew “UltraBeast” Dolitsky

Junyong Pak

Paul Towers

Tatiana Becker

Andrew Hostettler

Tiffany Nvnez

Corinne Kohlen

Steven Azzopardi/Trent Shaw

Isiah Vidal

Justin “Hello Kitty” Willett

Guy Livingstone

Jane DiLeo

Nolan Combol

Michael Nikkila

Jessica Kelley

Deanna Blegg

Michael Zimmerman

2 really nice volunteers

Nine Inch Males







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