Episode 97 – Mark Webb and Joshua Gustin Grant

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Mark Webb has done several Death Races and has a few skulls. He has also done almost 50 GORUCK Challenges, Lights, and Heavies (including the first GORUCK Selection). A few days ago he was in a motorcycle accident that left him without part of his left leg. Ever the positive dude, he is already looking forward to the races and events he can do next and the people he can have an effect on.


Joshua Gustin Grant is an obstacle racer and Death Racer. He also recently won an arm wrestling national championship, left AND right handed. Matt sat down with Joshua with the intention of discussing the finer points of arm wrestling. It turned out to be a conversation about so much more, including, health and diet “myths”, yoga, and God.

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Show Notes:

Check out the blog post Mark wrote and was talking about here.

You can order the best movie about arm wrestling here.

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