Episode 122 – Evan “Rocket” Dollard


Episode 122 – Evan Dollard had a very direct approach to getting on American Ninja Warrior. He sent them tape of his role as TV’s “Rocket” from American Gladiators. Evan talks about working with icons like Dan “Nitro” Clark and The Hulkster, on the reboot of that famous show. Evan also explains why he thinks the new version of American Gladiators died an early death. Right in the middle of the interview, Evan delivers what would be the perfect ending, but unfortunately, Matt still needed to ask him about American Ninja Warrior. So there’s 20 more good minutes on ANW. Enjoy.

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Show Notes:

Evan’s first ANW audition tape

Mike Adamle-Where are they now?

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  1. It’s a shame the American Gladiators reboot didn’t last, but not really surprising—they made some game-breaking mistakes with it. Worst was the Eliminator, which rendered everything else in the show irrelevant (the few seconds head-start someone could earn in the rest of the show means practically nothing in a 10-minute race), and the travelator part of the Eliminator, which was hard enough that the entire show came down to “who can get up this conveyor belt at the higher speed setting? Although the show’s penchant for interviewing everyone before or after anything happened didn’t help, slowing what should have been a fast-paced and exciting show to a dire slog. If as Evan said there are efforts to revive it, they’ll hopefully walk those changes back and help the show be a good competition rather than an exercise in appearing epic.

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