Episode 110 – OCR and Adventure Racing with Kristin and Yishai from All Out Events

All Out Events

Kristin and Yishai Horowitz  put on adventure races and triathlons through their company, All Out Events. Back in 2007 they also got the idea to put on a mud run. In OCR years, 2007 makes 2010 look like 1985, so they were waaay ahead of the curve. We talk to them about a proposal they wrote which shows what the mud landscape looked like 7 years ago. We also learn about how they’ve successfully carved out their own race community and avoided the boom/bust of many other companies that failed around them.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Udder Mud Run. Udder Mud Run returns to Covington Georgia on Aug 8, 2015. Use Code RUNORM for $10.00 off.

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Show Notes:

A cool photo essay from the 2014 Mud Mash back in October.

Yishai Doc – The “Holy Grail” document from 2007.

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