Episode 101 – Joe De Sena Does Ohio (In A Wheelchair)

Joe D Ohio

In today’s episode, we welcome back Joe De Sena to the program.

Joe just had an incredible weekend so we are excited to rush this episode up and get it to you right away.

First he completed the Spartan Ohio race from a wheelchair. He was challenged by Michael Mills, Nubs from More Heart Than Scars, and some others to complete a Spartan race from a completely different perspective.

Joe D Ohio 2

Joe talks about the incredible experience he had doing this and the decision it led him to regarding future Adaptive Athletes heats at Spartan Race.

Shortly after this race, Joe drove about 400 miles to do a 50k race with his 8 year old son Jack, which we also discussed.

We then talk a little about the upcoming Spartan Cruise.

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  1. Loved this !! We have the Weeples Overcoming Challenges that have been working with some challenged athletes for a while now… It’s tough, BUT so much more rewarding ! It took me 10 1/2 hours to do Monterey this year with Amanda Sullivan and it was the best time I ever had ! MUCH MORE REWARDING THAN DOING IT FOT MYSELF !.. Last year I took Misty Diaz thru Malibu & we assisted Blindstart athletes thru the LA Marathon.. It’s the best !! Kuddos. to you Joe for taking this one.. I did see you & your crew on the course in Ohio.. I gave me a real lift to finish the race…. See you guys in SC !!

  2. Ohio was NOT confusing at all… The courses did overlap a bit, but it was marked well !! The only confusing part for me was during the Beast towards the end, there were no Beast Mile Markers ( just Super markers).. But I just passed that off to Spartan messing with us.. )..LOL

  3. You make the cruise a Trifecta day / weekend & many more people will want to hit it !

  4. It changed my life..I’m glad the adaptive athletes and the Dirtbags got the recognition they deserve. They’re amazing!

  5. Why not ask Joe the Tough Questions, like why did the crew surrounding him all get MULTIPLE MEDALS and a good meal while the volunteers got lied to again, they ran out of medals AGAIN, and there were NO fires waiting for racers coming in around the noon hour? ONE FOOD TRUCK?

    Cmon, quit pandering to Joe and start asking questions that racers want answered, instead of the ones that get you farther up his arse. Whose side are you on?

    1. I’d be happy to answer your question “Spartan racer.” I can’t speak for everyone, just myself. At the end, Joe gave me a Super medal, and because we finished 12 miles which technically is a Beast, and because he said we’re all BEASTS for doing what we did, I got a Beast medal too. I felt bad walking around with it, like I didn’t deserve one so I tucked it into my sweatshirt. A little while later he asked about it….he assured me I deserved it, so I took it out of my sweatshirt and wore it proud. As far as a hot meal, I had one little brown thing…I think it was a fried broccoli bite, not sure. I don’t know anything about what other people got. The BEAST medal I’m going to have engraved because it’s that important to me. The broccoli bite….not so much 😉 Have a good week!

      1. Hey, that’s great you got a medal, Jennifer. Scores of people who busted their ass for the WHOLE BEAST got NOTHING. This happens AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, but Joe and the gang at spartan seem to have no problem pissing off their toughest racers time and again. It’s A BOX OF MEDALS!!! Why the frack can’t they pack extras? Its a simple question, and apparently one the author is far too timid to ask, lest they lose their ability to chat with King Joe.

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