Episode 1-Death Racers Refuse To Lose


Wed, 22 May 2013 18:04:48 +0000

You may have heard that Matt B. Davis Runs This Podcast has moved over to a new feed off of Blogtalkradio.

Along with all of the new episodes, we are now going to be importing all of the old episodes in order from the beginning.

Its a chance to start over with us if you are new, or relive what happened in the last (almost) 12 months. We begin with Episode 1, when I asked two people I met briefly in Pittsfield to talk about their Death Race experience.


Episode 1-Death Racers Refuse To Lose

Having already endured 48 hours of torture known as The Death Race, you think being told that you were disqualified would stop two people from going forward.

Anthony Matesi and Morgan Mckay did what very few could. They kept going even when there was “no hope”

We will chat with them about what brought them individually to the Death Race and how they perservered together.

*Originally brodcast on July 2, 2012

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