2013 Winter Death Race Podcast Part I


Sat, 09 Feb 2013 02:59:57 +0000

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The Winter Death Race: All of the strange pre race checklists, hours of mindless tasks, and thousands of burpees of the Summer Death Race but with the added bonus of water submersions in freezing cold temperatures.

Nele Schulze and Joshua Grant had no intention of coming in first at this year’s annual Winter DR in Pittsfield, VT, but they did*. Listen in and hear how these two New England Spahtens defied the odds and brought home 2 1st place skulls.

Amelia Boone had every intention of coming in first because, well, that is what she does. (or at least a very happy second). Listen in to find out how Joe and Andy may have had her beat before she even arrived and why she learned more in 1 DNF than in several previous victories.

*Previous two time winner Olof Dallner came in arm and arm with Joshua for another 1st place Death Race finish as well. His story in Part II.

Joshua Grant and Nele Schulze at the 2013 Winter Death Race
Joshua and Nele


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