Over Under Through (OUT)


If you have done a Spartan Race of watched a video of one on youtube, then you know this obstacle. It is a three parts obstacle that starts with jumping over a 5 foot wall, crawling under a wall, and going through a hole in the last wall.

For the first part, the wall, just do as you would a normal wall jump.

For the second part some people crawl under the wall but it is generally slower and harder that way. The easiest way is to get parallel to the wall and roll under quickly similar to the easier barbed wire crawl method. The wall is only a few inches thick so you’ll roll past it in a breeze.


And the final and third part there are many ways you can go through. The way I normally go is by placing my hands on top of the wall and lifting my body up to kick my legs through. Some people like to carefully put one leg through at a time and go side ways but it’s a bit awkward in my opinion. I’ve even seen someone dive through head first but I definitely don’t suggest that unless you perform for cirque du soleil.




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