Why Workout When You Can PLAYOUT!

Playout’s first fitness card game, “Playout: The Game” turns bodyweight exercises into games and competitions that you can play anywhere, anytime. The game saw a great deal of success as a training tool, so founder and creator Eddie Kovel, who is also a Pro OCR Racer, decided to create an OCR specific deck to help racers train for the toughest obstacles and terrain.

“Looking for a new addition to your training program? Playout’s new OCR Card Game contains 30 challenging bodyweight exercises that train you to conquer the terrain and obstacles you’ll find in a typical race. The game will help you take your training to the next level, and get your friends excited about OCR! Click on the link to support and share!”- Eddie Kovel (Founder and CEO at Playout, LLC.)

All Cards MockupfixWhat exactly is the OCR Card Game you ask?

According to their Kickstarter page, Playout: The OCR Card Game is:

“The OCR Card Game trains you for the toughest obstacles and terrain found in an OCR, while simultaneously giving you the experience of racing through a challenging obstacle course, using nothing but your body and a bar. The game is designed for the roughest and toughest of racers, as well as for the newbie looking to get in shape for their first race, and everyone in between.

Another reason we’re creating this game is to introduce people to the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. Most people who haven’t tried an OCR say that they would need to train before running one, but don’t know how to train and can’t get over the intimidation. In reality, many people run races for the first time when they are quite out of shape, but become motivated to train after their first race, so don’t limit yourself if you’ve never done one! No matter your situation, you now have the perfect training tool! Even if you never plan on running an OCR, this game will serve as an amazing training tool for general fitness and fun competitions with friends and family.”

Head on over to Playout’s Kickstarter page to pledge and help fund their project!

This is a game for all racers…elites and newbies alike:


What’s in the Deck?

30 Bodyweight Exercises – These exercises mimic the motions required to conquer terrain and obstacles, 10 WildCards (Power Ups) – We’re introducing a new type of WildCard that allows players to add intensity and “Power Up” for multiple exercises, 10 MiniGames – These mini-competitions push players to their physical limits as they compete for points, or to achieve personal bests. The new game will feature Max Out (how many can you do in a minute) and Until Failure (how long can you do an exercise without stopping), as well as some fun bonus MiniGames.

playout 2

Playout’s mission “is to make fitness fun by revolutionizing the way people feel and think about exercise​. We believe that by incorporating Play into our exercise, we can effectively motivate and inspire people to get fit while having fun! Why workout when you can PLAYOUT!”


Want to learn more about this exciting new concept of OCR training and health? Head on over to their website www.playoutthegame.com and check out their Kickstarter page too!

Don’t forget to pick up the original Playout: The Game here!

*Photos Provided By: Eddie Kovel


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