Tough Mudder #ObstacleWeek – No. 5: ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY

As Tough Mudder’s #ObstacleWeek begins, the countdown starts with a blast…a blast of 10,000 volts.  Electroshock Therapy was voted the #5 fan favorite Tough Mudder obstacle in recent weeks by the legions who call Tough Mudder family.  Whether you love it, hate it, or fear it, Electroshock Therapy will get inside your head.

Tough Mudder’s signature obstacle since the beginning, the Electroshock Therapy of today is not the Electroshock Therapy of the past.  Improvements in technology allow for better voltage regulation and gone are the days when the wires were tied to a car battery with manual control of the “on/off” switch.  Today, lovers of this obstacle respect and honor its heritage by inventing ever-creative ways to face this beast head on.  Whether it’s a team of legionnaires linking arms and walking through blindfolded together, running backwards blindfolded, crossing the wire field wearing chains as accessories, or stopping in the wire field to crown a legionnaire who is completing his 25x Tough Mudder, Electroshock Therapy will continue to entertain and intimidate at Tough Mudder events.

For 5 tips on surviving Electroshock Therapy, check out the Tough Mudder website. Which obstacle will be voted #4?

What’s your Electroshock Therapy story?
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Phoebe Brimer

Phoebe Brimer, aka The Phoebinator, is a Las Vegas based, self-described nerd. Nature is her church, and as a new Grandmother - her grandson is the best thing since The Cliff. Her life mantra is "Do Ordinary Things Extraordinarily".
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