Tough Mudder #ObstacleWeek – No. 4: EVEREST 2.0

Tough Mudder Obstacle week Everest 2.0

As Tough Mudder’s #ObstacleWeek continues, the countdown rises to new heights with Everest 2.0.  Everest 2.0 was voted the #4 fan favorite Tough Mudder obstacle in recent weeks by the legions who call themselves Mudders.  Whether you scale it with ease, linger to help others, or fight to conquer this monolith, Everest 2.0 will leave you feeling accomplished and part of your Tough Mudder family.

One of Tough Mudder’s signature obstacles, Everest got a facelift in 2015 and it’s been a big hit. Everest 2.0 has an additional 2′ lip at the top that requires more speed and lift to get a hold and scurry up its face. More challenging for those who were already scaling this beast, Everest 2.0 continues to deliver the camaraderie that made Tough Mudder famous. It’s not unusual to see legionnaires station themselves atop Everest 2.0 and remain there encouraging and assisting those who are daunted by Everest’s incline.

For tips on training for and summiting Everest 2.0, check out the Tough Mudder website. Which obstacle will be voted #3?

What’s your Everest 2.0 story?
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Phoebe Brimer

Phoebe Brimer, aka The Phoebinator, is a Las Vegas based, self-described nerd. Nature is her church, and as a new Grandmother - her grandson is the best thing since The Cliff. Her life mantra is "Do Ordinary Things Extraordinarily".
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