The Glamazon Returns to Pittsfield

Survival Run Laura Svette
Laura at the Survival Run with DR Legend Johnny Waite.

Endurance athlete Laura Svette, affectionately known as Glamazon West, will make her triumphant return to Pittsfield, Vermont this weekend for the 2013 Summer Death Race.

For those new to the fold, The Death Race is a 48-72 contest of endurance. Participants are asked to do a number of physical or mental tasks. Any one of which would be enough for one person’s workout for the entire weekend. The Death Race is all about finishing. Most participants don’t. Of the hundreds that have participated in past Summer and Winter Death Race, only 15% finish. Those proud 15% do not walk away with fabulous cash and/or prizes. Just the pride of being called a finisher and a tiny skull.

Laura Svette Death Racer
Laura back when she was called Lola.

Laura was born and raised in a small farm town Bainbridge, OH. She later played collegiate volleyball at university of Virginia. Her potential pro volleyball career was cut short by injury.

She got acquainted with the Death Race after meeting some like minded athletes back in 2011. She eventually teamed up with Katy McCabe and formed Team Glamazon. They were 2 women determined to make it through together, unfortunately  they did not. Laura took herself out at hour 34. She told us “DNF changes you, teaches you about yourself,  your limits, your goals”. She was set for redemption in 2012 but suffered an achilles rupture just months before the race. “It was devestating to not go back, prove myself and be with all the amazing racers and friends I had made”.

Since then she has trained harder than ever as an avid runner, volleyball player, and crossfitter. This past February, she competed in the world’s first 70k Survival Run.  It was “only” 20 hours and was great Death Race practice. Some said the event, although much shorter, was on par with the misery/ecstasy of a Death Race experience. She was one of only a few women to compete and outlasted she several male competitors

She said she is very much looking forward to getting back on the mountain with all of your insane friends in Pittsfield. She specifically mentioned Kristopher Cisowski. She told us  “We found eachother on the course and raced most of the 2011 DR together. This year we go back to finish”

We asked what is going to be different this year versus what happened in 2011. She said “Mentally I know I am stronger. Am I the best i can be? Certainly not, we all have weaknesses and can always be better”.

“I have had to overcome many emotional challenges in my life, and now I am physically changed with 2 surgically repaired achilles. I have learned to accept that I am no longer a quick young volleyball stud that can jump out of a gym or run fast. I accept what my body can give me daily and I still work hard. I never hesitate to take on new challenges”.

Survival Run Laura Svette
Laura at the Survival Run with DR Legend Johnny Waite.

Want to know everything that is going/went down in Pittsfield this weekend? Check out more Death Race updates.

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