The Best Virtual Races and Apps to Sign Up To

The Best Virtual Races and Apps to Sign Up To

Virtual races have proven to be an important and sometimes extremely successful way to engage runners while remaining safe and healthy over the last year. The issue is that there aren’t many excellent virtual race platforms available. Few things will come close to simulating the true race experience for runners. Many common virtual race platforms essentially do nothing more than build a virtual flyer and registration page for your race or organization. You’ll need to find the right virtual race platform to give your loyal community of runners/racers the experience they deserve. One that is simple to use like the platform, engaging, and successful in terms of generating involvement and interaction. It has an ever-growing variety of sports betting odds to appeal to every type of sportsbook enthusiast.


Racery is a relatively new virtual race network with a number of flaws. It regulates per racer fees and is very easy to use. This limits the amount of flexibility you have in terms of fundraising opportunities and priorities for your organization. Racery is unquestionably more entertaining than a “mail in” results system. However, in terms of runner involvement and commitment, the platform falls short. Runners can only run on their own, on a predetermined course, for a predetermined amount of time. They use the Racery app to keep track of their scores. Additionally, when calculating costs, keep in mind that Racery takes 40% of all entry fees from each participant on average.


RunSignup has created a powerful forum for race registration and participant monitoring. They have an easy to use and efficient method for setting up race registration, similar to Eventbrite, but specifically for running/races. RunSignup created a virtual race platform to go along with their registration as virtual races became more common. RunSignup excels at race promotion, registration, and donation monitoring, but the race day experience falls short. For the “live experience,” they still depend on a number of third-party platforms. Facebook Live, social media, and RaceJoy are all included. Because of the lack of centralization, race directors/organizations can find the process on race day to be less effective and, as a result, less engaging for runners.

Charge Running

Race directors and organizations will use the Charge Running virtual race platform to create the ultimate virtual race experience. Races of any length work one-on-one with the Charge Virtual Race team to set targets, create a plan, and implement all required pre-race procedures. Charge has exclusive virtual race features not found on any other platform. A professional coach will serve as the MC (with a race-specific playlist) to keep all participants focused and inspired in real time from start to finish. With a live in-race chat room for everyone, Charge provides a genuinely social experience. The Charge Running app hosts all Charge virtual races in real time. This ensures that anyone in your party will play against one another from anywhere in the world, on a treadmill or outside. These are LIVE virtual races with unparalleled real-time input!


Haku is more of a full-service business and event management firm that focuses on road races rather than providing a true virtual race platform. They offer a collaboration and a “all-in-one” platform aimed at making your life as a race director/organizer easier. They cover the case from start to finish, including statistics and results. Participants’ virtual goodie bags are a fun addition to the Haku experience. These features set them apart from the other platforms on the list. Despite how simple Haku makes the race organization process, participants do not have an engaging race day experience. Participants are normally left to run alone after the live race results are compiled. This eliminates any sense of friendly rivalry or motivation that is so important in a neighborhood road race!

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