Terrain Racing Removes 3 Races

Terrain Racing Cancels 3 Races

We have a significant update from yesterday’s Terrain Racing story.  In yesterday’s article, we pointed out that 4 of Terrain’s planned races for the year had closed registration without warning. Also, that some customers had been asking questions about these events, with no response back from Terrain.

I reached Jerry Foreman, co-owner of Terrain Racing this afternoon by phone. Here is how that conversation went.

MD: Can you answer the question about these 4 races being cancelled or rescheduled?

JF: If anything is changed , if anything is cancelled, the athletes will be taken care of. We’re moving forward as a strong and powerful company. The races are still happening.

MD: Is RunSignUp not telling us the truth?

JF: No they are not, they are not our business and don’t know our business plan, I sent them a message when I saw that screenshot you took and they haven’t responded.

MD: If I had a friend who wanted to race next weekend, how would a they register for this race?

JF:   On our website.

MD: So I can register now?

JF: I would hope so, I haven’t looked today.

MD: Do you plan to answer all the people who are asking questions on your Facebook page?

JF: I’m not the one who uses our social media platforms, but Terrain Racing has every plan to answer them.

We then spoke with Bob Bickel, the owner of RunSignUp by phone. He told us:

RunSignUp is up and running, we have taken thousands of transactions today. Each race has control over their own race and how they take registrations and manage their own participants. We can not talk on their behalf, but nothing is wrong with our website.

The Terrain Racing website has been updated since yesterday’s article. As of yesterday’s article’s posting time the events URL (https://terrainracing.com/events) looked like this:

Terrain Racing Miami Cancel

After getting off our call with Bob Bickel, we went to see if registering for the 4 events in question were possible (CT,NY,FL, and TX).

That same page now looks like this:

Terrain Race New York Cancel

It appears that the New York, Florida, and Texas events have been removed from the website. If you attempt to register for those races by going through Terrain’s Facebook page of events, you receive the same error, we got last night, which prohibits you from registering.

Cancel NY Terrain

Obstacle Racing Media’s conclusion is that the Connecticut race is set to take place next weekend on September 10th. It also appears that the New York, Florida, and Texas events are currently without a date or venue.





Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
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  1. Terrain Racing is a very shady company. Take a look at their BBB report. They scam tons of folks out of money. They took my money for photographs in June 2017 and I never received them and I can’t get a refund. They take people’s money and then cancel events without warning and without issuing a refund. SHADY.

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