2019 Spartan Trail US Championship Results

Spartan Trail World Championships

Spartan Trail World Championships

Yesterday’s preview article.

Today’s results from the first Spartan Trail World Championship in Los Olivos, California.


  1. Andy Wacker and Regina Lopez                  $5,000
  2. Chad Hall and Samantha Lewis                   $4,000
  3. Ben Bruce and Kimber Mattox                     $3,000
  4. Michael Bailey and Anna Mae Flynn          $2,000
  5. Mark Batres and Faye Stenning                  $1,000
  6. Darren Thomas and Rea Kolbl                        $750
  7. Tyler Sigl and Amanda Basham                      $500
  8. Bijan Mazaheri and Annie Dube                     $250
  9. Ramiro Guillen and Chikorita                          $150
  10. Johnny Luna Lima and Megan Flanagan      $100


    1. Joe Gray and Bailey Kowalczyk          $3,000
    2. Kris Brown and Anna Dalton              $2,000
    3. Chad Trammel and Natalie Miano     $1,000
    4. Nicholas Sigmon and Abbie Tuomi       $750
    5. Will Kellar and Audrey Kroot                 $500
    6. Angel Quintero and Laura Curley          $350
    7. Ian Hill and Erin Wachter                       $250
    8. Michael Olzinski and Amelia Boone      $100
    9. Luis De La Vega and Maria Zarate         $ 75
    10. Hector Mendoza and Joy Rykhus           $50




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