Spartan Sprint in Fort Carson, Colorado Elite Heat Results

The Elite Men

We had a finish unlike no other up to this point in OCR. Isaih Vidal crossed the finish line first at 47:34.9* with local Justin Jindra crossing the finish line right after. However, it turns out that Justin started the race in the middle of the elite pack rather than “toeing the line”. He left the start line after Isaih. So Justin’s chip time was in fact faster at 47:31.9. which put Isiah in 2nd.

Top 3 men Spartan Colorado
Top 3 Men Spartan Colorado

Justin is not a stranger to the podium. He was 3rd in this same race last year, just 35 seconds behind first place finisher Hobie Call. In 3rd place was Nicholas Joseph. 4th place was given to Yury Shatnkov from Durango, Colorado. Yury has yet to podium on a Saturday but has had some strong Sunday showings including last year’s Vermont Beast.  Today he crossed the finish line ahead of Nicholas Joseph but was given a one minute penalty for something that happened at the “Rolling Mud” obstacle. At the time of this article, we do not have the official word from the race director as to what exactly happened, but we are working on that as quickly as possible.

The Elite Women

After winning at the Spartan in Las Vegas last month, April Luu got her 2nd win in a row. It was her 3rd podium of the year which includes her 2nd place finish in Arizona from back in February. April was the female favorite going in. She has been dominant in every race she has entered going back to last December’s Beast in Texas. On top of that, this race was in her backyard.

April Luu 1st place Colorado Spartan
April Luu 1st place Colorado Spartan

In 2nd place for the women was Tobie Rippy of Rifle, Colorado. Tobie is a former NCAA soccer player for the Colorado Buffaloes. When she was once asked what she liked most about soccer, she answered “I really enjoy a sport where you can hit people and get away with it”. If that is how she feels about soccer,we think she is a perfect fit for OCR.  Finishing in 3rd less than 4 seconds behind Tobie was Ashley Swallow, a fitness instructor, also from Rifle, Colorado.  Overall, six of the top ten women came from Colorado (including the winner’s wife Casey Jindra) which says to us that the Colorado elevation played a major role with the women today.

Some other members of the “Spartan 300” finished as follows: For the men-LeEarl Rugland, fresh off his 2nd place finish at Hard Charge, Wichita was 6th,  Miguel Medina (3rd place in last week’s Superhero Scramble) was 8th, and Chris Obertlik was 9th.  For the women: Leslie St. Louis, the woman behind Colorado Obstacle Racers, came in 4th, Corrine Kohlen was 6th, Tonya Stogsdill was 8th and Juliana Sproles, 15th.





*All race times in this post were provided from J-Chip USA.


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