Spartan Race Numbers – Apr 13-14 2019 – Citifield Stadion

Date:   Apr 13-14 2019    Venue: Citi FieldNEW YORK NY

Total Finishers: 7,759

Podium Saturday Sprint

Men Women
1 Isaiah Vidal 1 Orla Walsh
2 Matthew Kempson 2 Cassandra Ohman
3 Brakken Kraker 3 Tiffany Palmer


North American Championships Qualification – Men

1 Isaiah Vidal
2 Matthew Kempson
3 Greyson Kilgore
4 Joshua Riedlinger
5 Jack Bauer
6 Dylan Miraglia
7 Sean Ward
8 Robert Muzikowski
9 Matthew Carroll
10 Kiaran McCormack


North American Championships Qualification – Women

1 Orla Walsh
2 Cassandra Ohman
3 Laura Cummings
4 Kelly Sullivan
5 Marissa Estep
6 Cody Mezebish
7 Michelle Aitken
8 Emily Lasko
9 Chrissy McFarland
10 Leigha Barbieri

There are only 10 qualifers as there is only a Saturday race at this venue

Finishers plus or minus: The number of finishers was 425 more than the same venue on the same weekend last year. This brings total number of Spartan Finishers for the year to 84,085.

Previous week’s North American Qualifiers

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