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Spartan Pro Team Ryan Atkins Lindsay Webster

After many years of Spartan Race being able to choose blindly from the best in the sport, 2020 will most likely be the year we remember as athletes speaking out about pro team contracts.

You can catch up on the first several years of the pro team in this article.

2019 saw Spartan expand the program to over 200 athletes worldwide, this year, we were told it grew to 250. Joe Desena came on our podcast to discuss his feelings on the recent athlete transgressions.

The athletes we are aware of who were offered, but did NOT sign were Ryan Kempson, Veejay Jones, Ryan Woods, and Johnny Luna-Lima.

Nicole Mericle came on our show to discuss what Spartan could do to improve negotiations and Robert Killian was one of the most vocal athletes during this time period. Both ultimately signed, as did almost every athlete sent a contract. Some finalized their deals in Jacksonville, 2 days before the first USNS race of the year.

Country of Residence First Last
Argentina Estefania Payero
Argentina Alejandro Ripoll
Australia Tony Curtis
Australia Rebecca Curtis
Australia Lachland Dansie
Australia Tetiana Draonchuck
Australia Quinton Gill
Australia Monika Holmwood
Australia Brendan Hunt
Australia Adrian Jannenga
Australia Liam McKenzie
Australia Bianca Pietrass-Wong
Australia Gemma Rolfe
Australia Christopher Woolley
Austria David Dietrich
Austria Petra Gruber
Austria Matthias Holl
Belgium Thomas Buyle
Brazil Chistiane Campelo
Canada Ryan Atkins
Canada Jesse Bruce
Canada Arielle Fitzgerald
Canada Mik Gerylo
Canada Samuel Hébert
Canada Sylvie Manaigre
Canada Bethany McChesney
Canada Morgan Mckay
Canada Amanda Nadeau
Canada Shaun Stephens-Whale
Canada Lindsay Webster
Canada Kristian Wieclawek
Chile Hugo Godoy
Chile Karina Machuca
China Kimberlee Isom
Colombia Cristian Rubio
Czech Republic Petr Dornák
Czech Republic Richard Hynek
Czech Republic Zuzana Kocumová
Czech Republic Martina Pavlíková
Czech Republic Petr Vinický
Denmark Sune Pedersen
France Gregory Basilico
France Thomas Blanc
France Angelique Chetaneau
France Myriam Essalki
France Jeremie Gachet
France Laura Girod
France Michka Guillot
France Myriam Guillot-Boisset
France Thibault Jean
France Jezabel Kremer
France David Labrosse
France Ines Thevenod-Mottet
France Tony Voisin
Germany Jan-Philip Dieckmann
Germany Charles Franzke
Germany Chris Lemke
Germany Lena Weller
Germany Annette Zeidler
Germany Joanna Zukowska
Hong Kong Magdalena Cvetkovic
Hong Kong Chris Davis
Hong Kong Rayda Kezaz
Hong Kong Jamie Nunn
Hungary Enikő Csernák
Hungary Richárd Fehér
Hungary Babett Groholy
Hungary Judit Maklári-Papp
Hungary Dávid Szabó
Hungary Elemér Vitkai
Indonesia Lou Guenier
Italy Giada Gelonese
Italy Manuel Moriconi
Italy Luca Pescollderungg
Italy Rachele Ravani
Italy Antonio Giulio Ruggiero
Japan Chie Crawford
Japan Sekiyoshi Daisuke
Japan Michiko Sato
Malaysia Saddam Pittli
Mexico Sergio Araiza
Mexico Berenice Barrera
Mexico Maricarmen Barriga
Mexico Eugenio Godinez
Mexico Mauricio Martinez
Mexico Angel Quintero
Mexico Alex Roudayna
New Zealand Callum Meehan
Philippines Chrystalle Omaga
Philippines Gabb Rosario
Poland Emil Kaczor
Poland Adriana Kolasa
Poland Kamil Kozioł
Poland Agata Pietroszek
Poland Zbigniew Ziober
Portugal Samuel Castela
Portugal Ana Fillipa Castela
Russia Sergei Perelygin
S. Africa Armin Botha
S. Africa Bradley Claase
S. Africa Sabrina Daolio
Singapore Tahir Ansari
Singapore Emily-Rose Astiz-Black
Singapore Ian Deeth
Singapore Joelle Lim
Singapore Jessie Montague
Slovakia Peter Ceniga
Slovakia Bronislava Chrappa
Slovakia Jakub Haviarik
South Korea Byungseok Song
Spain Miriam Araujo Goicoechea
Spain Petra Arvela
Spain Isra Ferrero
Spain Anibal Fidalgo
Spain Natalia Gurchenkova
Spain David Lordén
Spain José María  Resano
Spain Elena Rueda
Spain Laura Salas Serra
Spain Alejandro Samper Jara
Spain Ona Sociats Razquin
Spain Albert Soley Castells
Sweden William Englund
Switzerland Gregoire Rezzonico
Taiwan Jui Shang Chang
UK/Ireland Scott Barker
UK/Ireland Andrea Berquez
UK/Ireland Jesse Betts
UK/Ireland Jack Carpenter
UK/Ireland Luke De-Benedictis
UK/Ireland Nicki Johnson
UK/Ireland Natasha Mansell
UK/Ireland Jade Skillen
USA Jack Bauer
USA Forrest Bouge
USA Lacey Bourgois
USA Timmie Brann
USA Logan Broadbent
USA Kris Brown
USA Jamie Brusa
USA Corinna Coffin
USA Imogen Cross
USA Laura Cummings
USA Kirk DeWindt
USA Kevin Donoghue
USA Cera Edgley
USA Joshua Fiore
USA Mark Gaudet
USA Beni Gifford
USA Kevin Gillotti
USA Heather Gollnick
USA Brian Gowiski
USA Steve Hammond
USA Alyssa Hawley
USA Ashley Heller
USA Chuck Hewett
USA Ian Hosek
USA Grady Jackson
USA Lefty Kapanadze
USA Ryan Kent
USA Greyson Kilgore
USA Robert Killian
USA Rea Kolbl
USA Jackie Landmark
USA Ashley Lorraine
USA Cindy Lynch
USA David Magida
USA Bryan McCombs
USA Tyler McCredie
USA Nicole Mericle
USA Natalie Miano
USA Kaci Monroe
USA Aaron Newell
USA Tiffany Palmer
USA Victor Quezada
USA Matt Rock
USA Rich Ryan
USA Nicholas Ryker
USA Cali Schweikhart
USA Callie Seidl
USA Erin Sondej
USA Faye Stenning
USA Emilee Stevens
USA Kelly Sullivan
USA Ali Tippetts
USA Trever Townsend
USA Taylor Turney
USA Christina Van Der Hulst
USA Tyler Veerman
USA Jason West
USA Samantha Wood
USA Derek Yorek

UPDATE – Feb 27 4:40pm EST – Spartan have reached out to us to confirm this list is up to date and accurate.

Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.

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