Spartan Games Season 2

Here are the athletes, workouts and results for Spartan Games Season 2.

The competition began on October 18, 2021

Last year saw 12 men and 12 women in the competition. This year. there will be 16 athletes.

Let’s start with who is returning from last year.

  1. Ryan Atkins. The greatest male endurance athlete ever. He won this event last year.

2. Hunter McIntyre – The Sheriff lost to Ryan by a few points and does NOT want to lose again.

3. Corinna Coffin – Finished 2nd last year to Lindsay after winning several events.

4. Ryan Kent 3rd place last year.

5. Lindsay Webster Edged out Corinna Coffin last year.

6. Lauren Weeks – Current Hyrox World Champion.

7. Layne Mayerstein

8. Mack Roesch

9. Kris Rugloski

10. Terra Jackson

11. Ariana Scalfo

12. Meg Reardon –

13. Christian Harris

14. Veejay Jones – He just won the 2021 Spartan US National Series.

1st: 15,000

2nd: 7,500

3rd: 2,500

The events.

First event was released on Spartan Instagram stories. It’s a Deka Heavy Event.

The final day of #spartangames2 started with an event I couldn’t have dreamed we’d ever do!Here’s what we did (with a 20lb weight vest)-Carry metal #husacross 50m-shoot x10-carry trap bar @ 270lbs for 50m-shoot x10-move 250lb man for 50m-shoot 3 shots from 3 mags-1 mile ruck

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