Savage Syndicate aka More Savage Races = More Bling!

Savage Syndicate Medals

Savage Syndicate Medals

After being teased for a few weeks on social media, the “Savage Syndicate” Program is being rolled out.  To qualify, all you need to is run at least 2 Savage Races in one calendar year. As soon as you complete your 2nd race, you will get an additional medal. To be clear, this is on top of the regular 2016 finisher medal. You will also receive the state pins from the races you’ve completed.

For each additional race you do in a calendar year, you will get another syndicate medal and the appropriate state pin.

We reached out to Savage CEO Sam Abbitt right away who was eager to tell us:

“The whole Savage HQ team is super excited to roll out Savage Syndicate. We have been kicking around ideas for a few years, and finally it has all come together. The most loyal Savages are our brand evangelists, and I credit them as the reason our events have been so successful. It will be my pleasure to reward these folks with the Syndicate program.”

For those that have already completed 2 Savage Races this year, Sam told us that you may reach out to Savage Race from their contact us page, and they will mail you your new swag. We think that is Super Nice!

Complete details from Savage Race available here.

Matt B. Davis

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