OCR U Serious!?!?!?

OCR OCR OCR. I love it, you love it, but don’t you just want to say “Shut The Fuck Up” Sometimes?

We here at ORM do this stuff for a living, and even for us,  man it can just be the same ole same ole sometimes.

Here’s a list of things we never want to hear about again after 2017.

  1. Rise Of The Sufferfests: So we FINALLY got the movie last year. 3 years later than promised, and we had to pay for it again. Now, a new article. Yay. Enough Scott, give it a rest.
  2. Blind Pete: We get it, you are blind and you run races.
  3. Amelia Boone: If an OCR TV or web series doesn’t have Boone as an announcer, did it even happen?
  4. Running Spartan races: Hey! You got your 16th North American Trifecta. Hey, shut your trap!
  5. New Tough Mudder Series: The idea of the Tougher Mudder 5K was a legit joke we made for years. Next year, Tough Mudder Bubble is coming. I shit you not.
  6. The Obstacle Racing Media Podcast: 5 years of this guy in our ears.       Cool, stop now, while you are ahead.
  7. Matt B. Davis in general: Dude, seriously. Even your wife is sick of your social media posts.
  8. Sucking up to Adrian for OCRWC: Yes, I called him a visionary in 2014. He was, and is. You are still not getting a discount to that race. Ever. So stop.
  9. Fox and Friends: Apparently, you can promote your race on that show for $100 and some scratch offs.
  10. Why is there only 9. It’s our list, fuck you, we won’t do what you tell us.

Now, What’s your beef? Let us have it. (and if you say skipping burpees, we will sick Natale on you.)




PS No links on this article on purpose. Links are so 2016.

PS Cover Art By : Guess Who?

Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
  1. I just finished the INSERT_RACE_HERE. Why can’t I find the photos? Does anyone have a map for next year’s race yet?

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