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Within these past few years I packed on a lot of weight and became diabetic. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure, chronic pain throughout my body, and was taking about 15 different medications every day. I am a wife and a mother of three beautiful children, so as my life began to spiral downhill I realized that I needed to do something about my health. Our family goes camping every summer and last summer we hiked up a mountain and it took me almost 4 hours to get from top to bottom. As my children and family witnessed my struggle I became heart broken. At my highest weight of 286 pounds and standing at 5’3 I knew my body couldn’t take anymore.

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From that day forward I started walking every day while my kids were in school full time. I also started signing up for multiple races with friends and family so I could keep myself busy. As I started to lose weight I knew that I had the right mindset, but I was also putting my body through a lot of punishment. So after a lot of contemplation I decided to go through with the weight loss surgery process. I continued to give 100% towards my goal of becoming a healthier person. I continued with my walking and working out and before I knew it I lost 60 pounds on my own (IT WASN’T EASY… A LOT OF BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS) before I had a gastric bypass in January of 2016. I had changed my diet, started eating healthier with a well-balanced diet, my exercise routine changed, my walks turned into runs and I became a happier me.

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After my surgery and healing process, I signed up for my first Rugged Maniac obstacle course race and all though I was able to finish the race I wasn’t able to complete all the obstacles. When I hit the last obstacle (which was the warped wall) I didn’t even give it a try. I looked at the wall and gave up before I even gave it a chance. When I was finished, I signed up for the following year and told myself I will do it better next year! When it came time for me to complete my next Rugged Maniac I was able to conquer the warped wall and it felt like such a great deal of accomplishment.

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I have had so much support from everyone who surrounds me. My husband and children have been my biggest supporters. They have had to watch me put myself through so much and all they could do was be by my side and keep my mindset positive. The support and encouragement I have from my immediate family has helped me through so much! My family has signed up for races with me, and started training with me for half and full marathons. Having everyone be so proud of me made me just push myself even further.

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Friends of mine also stepped up and became a part of my journey. From doing races with me, going to the gym or just going on a walk. Along with having an amazing group of friends throughout social media and colleagues… I couldn’t have asked for a better support system. I have also brought so many people into my life along my process and helped them become a better person too. I started running with a running group that consists of other moms from my school and that was a huge impact for me. Although I have such an amazing support group… I still do a lot of my training and runs on my own, but I completely appreciate everyone who has stepped up to help me become a healthier me. I’m currently training for my first Spartan Super in April of 2017. I just recently ran my first full marathon with the ladies from my running group through Big Basin and the Saratoga Hills, called Skyline To The Sea. I am still in shock that I completed it in under 8 hours!

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I have a few more races before my Spartan Super to keep me out there running. I run anywhere from 3-5 days a week, hit the gym 4-5 days a week, and I hold down 3 jobs which I am on my feet for all of them and with working and raising a family, I am always busy and on the move. As of today I weigh in at 137, but from the beginning I started at 286 and lost 60 pounds through diet and exercise and I’ve lost 94 pounds since my surgery in January. A total of about 150 pounds in the past year. I’m well past my goal weight and I’m now working on toning my muscles and that is why I’m so excited to do my first Spartan Race. I’m still doing my running, but have also added in steep hiking and lifting heavier weights. I don’t shy away from yard work and when it comes to the chance of working in exercise with my daily activities.


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