Obstacle Racing Championships Archives (AKA The Majors)

Spartan World Championships


Year          Venue                           Winner                         2nd                              3rd

2011         Glen Rose TX            Hobie Call              Josiah Middaugh        Junyong Pak

2012        Killington, VT            Cody Moat              Hobie Call                    Brakken Kraker

2013        Killington, VT            Hobie Call               Matt Murphy              Hunter McIntyre

2014        Killington, VT            Jon Albon              Ryan Atkins                  Cody Moat

2015       Squaw Valley, CA       Robert Killian       Ryan Atkins                  Cody Moat

2016      Squaw Valley, CA        Hobie Call              Ryan Atkins                  Robert Killian

2017      Squaw Valley, CA         Cody Moat              Jon Albon                    Robert Killian

2018    Squaw Valley, CA           Jon Albon              Ryan Atkins                  Robert Killian

2019    Squaw Valley, CA           Robert Killian        Ryan Atkins                 Jon Albon

2021    Abu Dhabi                     Ryan Atkins         Sergei Perelygin           Jon Albon

2022    Abu Dhabi                   Sergei Perelygin         Ryan Atkins           Jeremie Gatchet

2023    Abu Dhabi                   Veejay Jones                Pavel Hrdina           Ryan Atkins

2014 Spartan World Championship

2014 Spartan World Championship Podium


Year          Venue                           Winner                         2nd                              3rd

2011      Glen Rose TX             Jenny Tobin              Jackie Rust               Irene Call

2012      Killington, VT            Claude Godbout       Amelia Boone           Ella Kocuiba

2013      Killington, VT            Amelia Boone           Deanna Blegg           Claude Godbout

2014      Killington, VT            Claude Godbout       Corinna Coffin          April Luu

2015      Squaw Valley, CA      Zuzana Kocumova    Lindsay Webster       Rachel Paquette

2016      Squaw Valley, CA       Zuzana Kocumova    Lindsay Webster      Faye Stenning

2017      Squaw Valley, CA       Lindsay Webster     Zuzana Kocumova     Alyssa Hawley

2018     Squaw Valley, CA        Lindsay Webster     Rebecca Hammond   Zuzana Kocumova

2019     Squaw Valley, CA        Nicole Mericle          Lindsay Webster     Myriam Guillot-Boisset

2021     Abu Dhabi                   Lindsay Webster        Annie Dube                          Alisa Petrova

2022    Abu Dhabi                   Lindsay Webster        Eszter Hortobágyiová         Alisa Petrova

2023   Abu Dhabi                   Lindsay Webster            Alisa Petrova        Eszter Hortobágyiová

Spartan “Points” Series





Spartan US Championship Series

Spartan North American Championship Series

  • Beginning in 2021, Spartan made the national series an age group series.
  • The NACS replaced the US Series for Elites


Winner                         2nd                              3rd

2016                                    Ryan Atkins             Robert Killian              Hunter McIntyre

2017                                    Hobie Call                 Ryan Atkins                 Robert Killian

2018                                    Ryan Woods             Ryan Atkins                 Robert Killian

2019                                    Ryan Atkins              Johnny Luna Lima      Ryan Kempson

2021                                   Veejay Jones            Ryan Atkins                   Ryan Woods

2022                                    Ryan Atkins             Veejay Jones               Mark Batres

2023     (3K)                        Manuel Dufaux         Rylan Schadeg             Tyler Veerman


2016                                 Lindsay Webster         Faye Stenning              Rose Wetzel

2017                                 Lindsay Webster          Rea Kolbl                      Nicole Mericle

2018                                 Lindsay Webster          Faye Stenning              Rea Kolbl

2019                                 Lindsay Webster           Nicole Mericle             Rea Kolbl

2021                                 Lindsay Webster           Annie Dube                Rose Wetzel

2022                                 Lindsay Webster         Emma Cooke Clarke   Kris Rugloski

2023 (3K)                         Kris Rugloski               Ida Mathilde                 Janka Pepova

Spartan US Stadium Series


2016                                Brakken Kraker           Isaiah Vidal          ?????

2017                                 Robert Killian             Isaiah Vidal           ?????








Adventurey OCR World Championships

“Long Course”

Year          Venue                           Winner                         2nd                              3rd

2014         Ohio – USA               Siri Englund              Cassidy Watton          Amy Pajic

2015         Ohio – USA              Lindsay Webster

2017         Canada                     Lindsay Webster

“Short Course”




“Short Course”

2016 Canada

3k  Lindsay

15k  Lindsay

2017 Canada

3k Nicole Lindsay

15k Lindsay

2018  UK



Adventurey NORAM OCR Championships


3K women replay!

3K Men Replay!


3k (Friday)

1. Ryan Atkins – 18:23
2. Veejay Jones – 18:38
3. Jesse Bruce – 19:13

1. Lindsay Webster – 21:51
2. Nicole Mericle – 22:38
3. Alexandra Walker – 24:48

15k (Saturday)

1. Lindsay Webster 1:48:01
2. Nicole Mericle  1:54:35
3. April Cockshutt 2:04:07

1. Ryan Atkins  1:33:03
2. Mark Batres  1:36:30
3. Jesse Bruce 1:38:39

Team (Sunday)

1. Team Platinum Rig – 58:47 – Samuel Hebert, William Brouard, Jesse Bruce
2. Team NorthMen – 59:19 – Marc Andre Bedard, Ryan Atkins, Benjamin Morin Boucher
3. NexGen OCR – 1:01:24 – John Penland, Veejay Jones, James Nair

1. Mom Squad – 1:21:57 – Julie Hartjes, Rachel Corigliano, Ashley Samples
2. Bad Ass Masters – 1:35:26 – Darla O’Connor, Heidi Williams, Lisa Nondorf
3. Strong As a Mother – 1:38:21 – Chrisa Dustman, Cynthia Campanaro, Heather Gollnick

1. Team Suunto & Benji – 1:07:10 – Ryan Atkins, Lindsay Webster, Nicole Mericle
2. Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team – 1:15:23 – Evan Perperis, Matt Willis, Amy Pajcic
3. Team Hotwheels MudGear – 1:22:06 – Alexandra Walker, Mark Batres, Natalie Miano


Boston, MA (October 5th 2015) In obstacle racing’s ultimate test of strength and endurance, Robert Killian and Zuzana Kocumova have been named 2015 Reebok Spartan Race World Champions. Finishing first amongst a field of thousands of athletes representing 15 countries, in front of a crowd of approximately 5,000 in Lake Tahoe, 33 year old US Military Captain Robert Killian from Longmont, Colorado and 36 year old Zuzana Kocumova from Liberec, Czech Republic each earned over $15,000 in cash and prizes, along with the distinction of being named winner of the 2015 Reebok Spartan Race World Championship.

Set on the same hallowed ground as the 1960 Winter Olympics, 10,000 athletes from across the globe scaled some of the most challenging mountain terrain to compete for over $100,000 in cash and prizes. This comes as part of the $500,000 in cash and prizes Spartan Race will award during the 2015 race season — the largest amount in race history.  Additionally, NBC was once again on hand to film all of the action, and will televise the Reebok Spartan Race World Championship on December 26th, 2015 at 5p.m. ET– a culmination of the network’s comprehensive season-long coverage of Reebok Spartan Race which began in early July.

Taking first in the men’s elite heat was Robert Killian with a time of 2:25:54. Finishing in second place was Ryan Atkins from Canada in 2:26:58, and Cody Moat from Filmore, Utah finished third in 2:27:58.

Emerging from the pack in the women’s elite heat to take first place was Zuzana Kocumova from Liberec, Czech Republic with a time of 2:53:01. Finishing in second place was Lindsay Webster from Canada in 2:58:02, and Rachel Paquette also from Canada finished third with a time of 2:58:39.

“We continue to push athletes to new limits with our races,” said Spartan Race founder and CEO Joe De Sena.  “This is the toughest race we’ve designed to date, most definitely.  We can’t wait to show the world what we have in store for 2016.”

The Reebok Spartan Race World Championship was situated at the crest of the striking Sierra Nevada mountain range in North Lake Tahoe, California, with the Reebok Spartan Race World Championship Beast (13+ miles/ 30+ obstacles) taking place on Saturday, in addition to a Spartan Sprint (3+ miles/ 20+ obstacles), a Spartan Beast, Ultra Beast (26+ miles/ 60+ obstacles), and Charity Challenge (3+ miles/ 20+ obstacles) on Sunday. The Spartan Kids race also took place on Saturday and Sunday.

Spartan 24 Hour Championships – History Link

2017.  Iceland  – Joshua Fiore and Morgan McKay. Complete results.

2018. Iceland.     Ryan Atkins and Janka Pepova

2019.  Sweden.   Ryan Atkins and Rea Kolbl

2021.  Telluride

2019 Results


1. Ryan Atkins (CAN) 82.30/132.45 21:36:23

2. Radek Paďour (CZE) 75.70/121.83 21:55:14

3. Sigurjon Ernir Sturluson (ISL) 69.10/111.21 21.19.11

4. Joshua Fiore (USA) 69.10/111.21 21:53.25

5. Glenn Racz (USA) 62.50/100.58 21:14:50


1. Janka Pepova (SVK) 55.90/89.69 21:04:14

2. Morgan McKay (CAN) 55.90/89.69 22:03:18

3. Anette Sande (NOR) 55.90/89.69 23:27:10

4. Ina Kovalenko (UKR) 49.30/79.34 21:05:08

5. Katrin Sigrun Tomasdottir (ISL) 49.30/79.34 21:24:00

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