More Free Transfers and Race Shakeup Corrections

FoamFestQuitsAfter a couple of days of speculation, 5k Foam Fest officially called it quits. A full statement can be found on their website.

Yesterday, Human Movement offered race registrations to some of their events as a courtesy to those who purchased 5kFoam Fest tickets. Today, Red Frog Events, decided to help out as well. Red Frog Events, most famous for producing the Warrior Dash, has stepped in to offer 2014-2015 registrations to some of their events.  Red Frog sent us the following statement this afternoon.

Red Frog Events, producers of Warrior Dash, Cocoa Classic, Epic Fail Challenge, Bacon Chase, and many others, is excited to work with 5K Foam Fest to offer a free registration to any Red Frog Events running series event to any racer affected by their remaining 5K Foam Fest events being cancelled.  We do not have a direct affiliation with 5K Foam Fest, but fully support the running industry and those runners affected by their remaining races being cancelled. In addition, we are also providing these racers with a 25% off promo code for one of our running events in the case that the racer may want to bring a friend with them to participate.

We at ORM also need to correct a couple of items from our previous posts.

Number One:

We stated that Roundhouse Racing, which produced 5kFoamFest also produces Dirty Dash. Today, the actual producers of Dirty Dash, sent us the following:

The article incorrectly states that the Dirty Dash is the same company that produces 5K Foam Fest. They are two separate companies that put on separate events, and while the race organizers of Foam Fest were in a partnership to bring the Dirty Dash to the East Coast, they will announce today that they are no longer putting on events. The Dirty Dash is in its 5th year of muddy mayhem, and is planning on many more. All the East Coast races will now be organized and managed by the Dirty Dash. Some races will have to be cancelled with the announcement, but full refunds will be given promptly to all those who registered for a Dirty Dash event that is cancelled.

Number Two:

We listed Color Run as one of the events that Human Movement would allow registration transfers to, and this was incorrect.

We apologize any confusion this may have caused.

Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
  1. I;ve been watching this debacle unfold, and I have to wonder how much Jeff Suffolk and HMM are paying ORM for their blind support? HMM is as guilty as the next organization for constant race cancellations, and slow refunds; just ask the runners in Orlando waiting on The Zombie Run that isn’t happening. Additionally, ORM’s blind hero worship of HMM also failed to note that HMM actually produced 5kFoamFest until very recently, and yet, when RoundHouse needed a partner to lessen the blow, they turned to Red Frog, Concurrently, Jeff Suffolk was giving interviews and spouting about “get rich quick scams” and lack of diligence, presumably referring to his own previous clients of at least a couple years. I’m not a reporter, but that raises an eyebrow, and makes me suspect that his motives are not altruistic, and his bashing of his own former clients is unprofessional and petty.

    ORM needs to stop being the mouthpiece for personal ego of Suffolk, and dig a bit deeper. Did it even occur to you to contact RoundHouse and find out their side of the story? Given your constant fluffing for HMM, my suspicion is “no.”

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