Lozilu Owner On Probation For Felony Theft

Lozilu Cancelled

We began breaking the story of Lozilu cancels yesterday afternoon, This morning we spoke with a former staff member (Lozilu brought on all staff as independent contractors versus hiring them as employees) of the Lozilu women’s mud run. Lozilu was purchased late last year by a man who refers to himself as Brad Peters. His real name is Frederick Bradley Kellogg.

In 2012, Mr. Kellogg was sentenced to jail time and 20 years probation for a theft of nearly $300,000.00 to a Minnesota rice company. (Yes, that is rice, not race). He was also previously arrested in 2006 for passing a bad check.

Our source informed us that while working for Kellogg at Lozilu, staff members had to fight “tooth and nail” to receive any payments. This person stated several volunteer groups were not paid from previous Lozilu locations. In addition, they stated there were build crew employees who were shorted payment. ORM is currently doing research to confirm these allegations.

The source went on to say that “The only reason the first few events happened is that we (the staff members) stayed on top of him (Kellogg) to secure venues, hire crew, and pay invoices. We believed a lot of his promises. When it came to paying us, he always had excuses, and we believed them.  I should have picked up on it sooner, I wanted to believe he wasn’t a scam artist. Once we figured it out, we all left because we weren’t going to be a part of a company that isn’t paying people”.

Our source went on to say “He may be the only one left at that company besides his family”.

Speaking of family, we did a business search in Minnesota, and found two names listed for the parent company, Fresh New Taste LLC. Those names are Joseph Dicker, which we be understand to be Mr. Kellogg’s attorney, and Johanna Kellogg, who our source referred to as his wife.

We reached out to Mr. Dicker for comment and are awaiting his response.

Update on the story! More location cancels.

Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
  1. This is very troubling. I received a credit card refund from active.com for the New England event, so I hope that “Brad” and his cohorts never had access to my credit card number!

    1. How did you go about getting that because I too got scammed by this ass. I’m out over a $100 for the race itself, not to mention we drove 4 hrs, checked into our hotel, THEN got an email that it was postponed to this coming week.
      If you don’t mind helping me that would be great!

      1. I wrote to the email address on my postponement email, included my receipt number, filed a complaint with the MA Attorney General, and posted that factbto n their facebook page. I got the refund the next day.

      2. I called Active and they issued the refund. They stated that it would take 3-5 business days possibly to show up in my account.

    2. I received my refund the same way and now you have me thinking the same thing about my credit info!!!

    3. Can you share with me the process you went through to get the refund. The messages that I received was to send in Registration info ASAP. But there was no email address or person given for me to send it to.
      Thank you!

  2. Ok, so I spent a few hours last night and tonight posting this article regarding the race. And now the website is down after this article came out. http://obstacleracingmedia.com/…/lozilu-owner-on-probation…/

    I feel horrible for the good people who were working at Lozilu and trying to make this race company something good. I ran it last year and it was amazing, but apparently it was sold to a crook at some point last year and now the events are being cancelled. The only email being posted to request refunds from is brad@fntllc.com – not sure if people will actually receive them, but maybe there is someone still working there that isn’t a total crook. I recommended disputing the charge with their credit card company citing the above article as the reason why they wanted to contest the charge. I am so sorry to everyone who signed up. I am an OCR enthusiast who hates to see races go under, and I hope they all receive their refunds!!

    Also, after I went through Lozilu’s page yesterday and posted the link on everyone’s post this morning my notifications are blowing up because Lozilu is just now responding saying there will be refunds. And I went all the way back to the beginning of the month and lozilu hadn’t responded until I posted the article last night on each and every post. I have over 100 notifications that they finally responded to these people. Some of them posted a month ago and had no responses until I posted my response last night with the article link and then Lozilu answered. I feel bad for the good people who worked there when this guy bought it.

      1. No problem, it makes me sick! I am an OCR enthusiast who loves it to my core, and to see something like this happen irks me to no end and I hope everyone gets their money back! I posted it on Colorado Obstacle Racers facebook page too hoping to spread the word!!

  3. Currently on the phone with Front Range Airport. They know nothing about this race coming there on August 29th! Front Range Airport Administration/Operations: 303.261.9103.There is nothing on their calendar for the Lozilu. They have other runs there but not this one.

  4. As of 9:00am today Lozilu has deleted everything I posted with this article and blocked me from posting on their webpage. Upon Matt Davis’ prompting I will be contacting our local news media as well later this afternoon after my company leaves.

  5. Thank you Matt for getting to the bottom of this and keeping us posted!!!! I appreciate it and so does everyone else who signed up for this race! You rock!

  6. If anybody has a home address for “Brad” please respond. I’d love nothing more than to sue him for unpaid radio equipment invoices. Frederick, collections is coming for ya!

    1. This is information I’ve gathered from them. I don’t have an address they never added one to their e-mails.

      Brad – Producer of Positivity
      LoziLu – Exfoliate your 5K

  7. WOW! After complaining several times about receiving 2014 medals for the Los Angeles February 2015 race and not receiving my teams shirts, I am not surprised to read this. For months I have been emailing and posting on Facebook and all I ever received were lies. They finally got fed up with me ad began deleting my Facebook post and blocked me from posting on their face book. Can I just say YOU SUCK! It’s funny that all this time I’ve been e-mailing Brad Peters and he’s not even real. At least we actually got a race unlike a lot of other women whose races were cancelled.

  8. My business is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and I was scammed by Brad Kellogg in 2011 for printing that I did for his Fresh Taste company. He is THE best scam artist ever. I have been trying to track him down for 2 years. He has changed phone numbers numerous times as has his wife. I have 2 or 3 dozen voicemails and dozens of emails promising me payment next week, or next month. When my son was a teenager he and 3 of his pals worked one of Brad’s mud run events in 2011 and it took 3 months for him to pay them a measly $60 each and they worked their tails off while Brad collected $100’s and $100’s in cash for the cheapest hot dogs and buns that he could find at Sam’s. If anyone has a phone number or email or any contact information for Brad Kellogg I would be forever grateful. I have contacted so many people that Brad has scammed and I am amazed at how many still feel sorry for him and will not pursue him. He needs to be held accountable and the world needs to know to run away from this criminal! Thanks to anyone that can help and I am sorry for those that have been taken by him. I wish I could have told others about my experiences 4 years ago.

  9. I met Brad Kellogg when doing work for Arctic Cat back in the mid 1980’s. He seemed to be a nice enough guy. I lost track of him but then around June of 2006 he contacted me. We got together and he needed help in designing a poster for an event call Summer Fun Sweepstakes.

    He had all sorts of sponsors providing the prizes from GM SUV’s to other secondary prizes. I did the design work and based on my past relationship purchased the printing. My total invoice was $3,354.43.

    Needless to say, I was not paid and Brad basically told me if I sued him I’d never receive a dime. Well I sued him in Carver County Small Claims. When I arrived on the day of the court appearance and gave my name the woman in the court room told me, “Brad Kellogg? He’ll never show up.” I found the comment odd, but when my name was called – no Brad and I was awarded the judgement.

    At that time I figured something was not right. And, decided to go to the records office at the courthouse where I was able to find out what was going on. I was not the first to get stiffed.

    The records I found showed Brad (under various aliases as well) had over 30 judgements against him totaling over $669,700.00! I asked the sheriff why he was not in jail and was told it was not a criminal matter, but civil and there was nothing they could do. NOTE: he also told me they often find people like him dead from mysterious causes (like someone finally had enough).

    I contacted everyone on the judgement to hear their story. We all tried to send 1099c’s to the IRS as it appeared the only way to get him in jail was for tax evasion. Then I heard about his scam of the rice company and how he once again kept his deceitful ass out of prison.

    I can not for the life of me figure out why he is constantly allowed to stay out of jail. I can’t understand why the IRS hasn’t put him away for RICO violations.

    If anyone wants the information I have (which is a lot) you’re welcome to contact me. Brad Kellogg is a heartless criminal who has in some cases ruined peoples lives yet the courts have done nothing, and I mean nothing, to stop him.

    What he is doing may be classified as a civil case in a court of law, but the fact is he is knowingly stealing from trusting people and he, along with his wife Johanna (who by the way worked at a church, but also studied law which taught her how far they could push the system without going to jail) should be locked away in solitary for the rest of their lives.

    Brad has stolen well in excess of a million dollars. He paid no tax on those moneys yet the law enforcement has done little to nothing to stop him.

    I have a folder on Brad Kellogg which covers him through 2007… if anyone needs my information to help put this guy away… contact me – I’ll gladly help in any way I can.

  10. My wife and my daughter were to do the Phila mud run August 1st, 2015. Drove there to find out it has been cancelled. Called multiple times and emailed the website and have not received any return calls or emails, My daughter set up this mud run along with other events to lift my wife’s spirit who just got done battling breast cancer. We have been waiting for a month for them to return the money. Any ideas of who I should contact. Please email and let me know.

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