History Channel’s – The Selection: Evolution 6 Recap

Evolution 6: Seed of Doubt

We start this episode with the separate interviews of Candidates #2 and #3, our couple on the show. When asked about how he was doing, #2 felt he was doing good. He was asked about candidate #3 and felt that she was empowered on her end. He shows concern for her and the instructors jump on it. During her interview #3 feels that she is the best overall. Not the top, but not the bottom, just overall. She mentions that she hates long rucks with heavy weights and we hear the instructors state that these are both in her future.

Candidate #2 is removed as the team leader and replaced with candidate # 3. The candidates are also told that the instructors will give orders once and they are expected to follow them. This looks to be an interesting show as the mind games continue on the part of the instructors.

The first part of the evolution is a physical fitness test consisting of, pull ups, push ups, kick ups, sit ups, dips, bench press, rope climb while wearing a 20# vest, and finishing with a 5 mile run. They will be scored on all sections, best to worst. This will help the instructors to rank the candidates (I’m sure in regards to future evolutions.)

While everyone does well on this, candidates #3 and #19 could not complete the rope climb with weights. As we see the candidates finish the 5 mile run we are given their scores;

  • #17 – 96%
  • #12 – 92%
  • #19 – 83%
  • #2 – 80%
  • #11 – 78%
  • #2 – 65%

As day 8 begins, the mental games directed towards candidate #3 increase. We learn that the next part of the evolution will be a long ruck with a 45 lbs. of weight on their backs. Candidate #3’s biggest fear is about to come true. The candidates will be rucking with 45 lbs of weight on their back for a distance of 4 miles.

The course is hot (the temperature is 104 degrees), with steep segments and the instructor is setting the pace for the team. Candidate #3 is carrying approx 40% of her body weight on her back. That has got to take a toll on her. We see them as they cross what they thought was going to be the finish of the evolution, but the instructors have other plans; they are told that they will do it again, for time. The looks on #3’s face says it all.

We see #2 talking to #3 telling him that she can barely walk and is considering quitting. But somehow she manages to find the strength to move on and starts the 4 mile ruck again. We see #12, the fastest runner of the group running back at mile 6.8 as he passes #3 as she is still moving out.  She is struggling and the mental demons are all over her. Seriously thought that she would call it quits while on the ruck but she manages to finish it. The instructors tell her to hit the dip tank (a tank full of what appears to be ice water) to cool down as she is overheated from the ruck.

Now earlier in the evolution, #2 and #3 are told to stay separated but they disregard the instruction, #3 is relying on #2 to keep her going and they are penalized when they are caught. Candidate #3 was unable to do the punishment, push ups, quickly enough so the whole team gets penalized for their infraction and has to do the push-ups as well. Seems that the focus of this week’s evolution is to make #3 drop.

During the push ups, the instructors start the mind games up by bringing in plates of food and offering them to anyone that quits. Realizing this is not working, the instructors tell the candidates that it is “sugar cookie” time and they need to hit the dip tank and then start rolling in the sand. Candidate #3 is barely moving and the instructors start yelling for her to move it. She enters the dip tank and at that point, she tells the instructors, “I’m done.”

The instructors have high praise for her but the ruck was her downfall. Up until this point, she has kept up with men in the group. She knew her weakness and unfortunately it brought her down.

Candidate #17 is made the new class leader and we see the instructors telling #2 not to quit. He needs to focus on what lies ahead.

Candidate #12 is taken in for an interview and he reveals that he could do better and that the box in episode 4 was the toughest thing for him to endure. But despite it all, he never thought about quitting.

As the evolution ends we see candidates discussing how they feel. Candidate #17 states that his legs are paying for it and they feel numb. We see #12 crying (or appears to be on the verge of crying) and realize that this has been tough on them all so far. Final comment from the instructor Ray Care, “We have to strip everybody down to bare essentials and rebuild them.”

So 5 candidates remaining, #2, #11, #12, #17 and #19 and only 2 evolutions left. The previews for evolution #7 look interesting. It appears that more PT is on the horizon. Candidate #2, will he quit? Same goes for #17. And who was the integrity violator? Can’t wait to find out who makes it in the upcoming evolution and onto the final evolution.

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  1. The ruck was about 10 miles haha when they showed the distance on the second lap, that was how far they were into just the second lap when the loops passed. 12 was 6.5 miles into the second lap, 3 was 3.5

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