Hero Rush Is No More

Hero Rush Obstacle Race


Hero Rush is no more
Hero Rush is no more.

Hero Rush, which offered participants a chance to “Be A Hero For A Day” with firefighter/EMT themed obstacles just closed their doors.  Even though they were a well liked event, they were not able to get enough registrations to stay viable long term.

Back on July 19, many were surprised when they cancelled their Ohio event which was scheduled just 8 days later. This evening, which is 8 days before their next scheduled event in Pennsylvania, they delivered the news that all future events will not happen.

It is a sad day for the mud and OCR world. This is an event which was praised by almost everyone who did it. Damion Trombley, CEO of MudRunFun said, “Hero Rush brought something unique and exciting to the community. It was a great time for the family and always supported a great cause. Sad to hear they are no longer in business.”

ORM contributor Jason Henline wrote a very positive review on their Maryland/DC event from May 4th of this year.

Anyone who registered for an upcoming may be out of luck on getting a refund through Hero Rush, Their statement says they are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are not offering refunds.  However, others in the OCR community have had success disputing directly with their credit companies and/or discount sites they purchased registration through.

Hero Rush have already removed their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

We wish all those involved in Hero Rush, success in their future endeavors.

Below is the official statement from their website.

Dear Hero Rush Registrants,

We regret to announce that Hero Rush is cancelling all future events and will no longer be in business as of August 3, 2013, ceasing operations immediately. We have worked tirelessly these last few weeks to continue producing our events but due to business conditions, we cannot.

We are sorry to have to send this email and for no longer being able to host our amazing participants, you’ve been incredible and supported us like we could never have imagined.

The obstacle racing community has been great, but despite an exhaustive search for options through today, we cannot proceed further. We do hold out some hope that another race series or investors will step in and allow us to continue and some discussions towards that are continuing to take place through early next week. But at this point we cannot continue forward. We will file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a few days and will not be able to refund due to our financial situation.

Hero Rush no longer has staff or resources and will not be able to respond to individual emails or phone calls but will provide additional email updates as information becomes available.

Thank you again for your support of our race, our charities and our partners in 15 communities we’ve visited since last April.

Hero Rush Team

Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
  1. I’m truly heartbroken for Hero Rush. After having participated in countless OCR’s, this was by far my favorite race, two years in a row. Everyone I had encountered, from staff to volunteers, and even the people “behind the scenes” that I spoke with pre race were all so friendly and helpful. I wish every race day could operate as well as theirs always did. Sad it has to end this way for them, declaring bankruptcy could not have been an easy decision. . I wish you all the best of luck!

  2. I just read this and my credit card is refunding me. They’re taking the money from Active and said its up to Active to get $ back from Hero Rush.

  3. Looks like I ran one of the final ones this year in Michigan. Too bad…I enjoyed the race.

  4. No Refunds?? Poor management and greed. Can’t believe they are keeping the money. No heroes involved in that company, just a bunch of a-holes.

    1. They are filing bankruptcy. Where the hell do you expect this “greedy” company to get the money from? Wow, you’re a little heartless.

      1. Well, they were still taking promoting their races just a few days ago. They have repeatedly cancelled races with little notice (not just this year, but in past years as well). I don’t think it is heartless to be angry at them. They made this mess themselves and cheated many people out of their money.

      2. Hostess filed bankruptcy too. Filing bankruptcy doesn’t mean you’re out of money, it just means you managed it poorly. Just ask the top executives that pilfered money out of the employees retirement funds to give themselves a bonus right before they closed the company.

  5. If you contact Active.com Customer Support, they will provide you the info you need to get a refund.

  6. It is unbelievable that just a few days ago they were still promoting their races. I just hope that the money I donated to the Fallen Firefighters through them made it to the charity. They have been extremely irresponsible.

  7. I think it is sad and want to say I’m sorry to all the people that signed up because I promoted this and had friends join and got screwed . I just wonder if the charities even got their money . I signed up so long ago that a refund through my credit card is not going to happen . Bad thing is this makes me leery of all races now .

  8. This is very sad. I brought a group of my high school cadets to the MD run to volunteer, and they had a blast. One of the great things about it was the promise of a donation back to our school program for the volunteers. We’ve been waiting on that since the event in May, so I guess this has been a long time coming. Its a shame.

  9. I am disapointed with hero rush. I do not think they are frauds, but they should refund everyones money because its the right thing to do. My son and i were looking foreward to running in this. Hope they get things straightened out.

  10. BADASS Dash is offering up 50% off ALL UPCOMING 2013 races with proof of registration from a cancelled Hero Rush. We want to do the right thing and honor these registrations for a real BADASS Challenge. Send proof of registration to socialmedia [at] badassdash [dot] com.

  11. I signed up for the Hero Rush in VA in Jan for the race on Sept 21. After receiving the email from Hero Rush I contacted my credit card and asked to dispute the charges in Jan. It may have taken a month but I have received a full refund on my credit card for $136.00 for two racers.

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