GORUCK Ruck Plates

3 choices of punishment are available to you

GORUCK is rapidly expanding and becoming more accessible to the OCR market. Along with their new 5k ruck series called Kill that 5K, they are now launching a new product line to make rucking less complicated. They are doing this by introducing their new ruck plates. Simply put – a ruck plate is a thin steel weight that you can chuck into your ruck and just go. I’m super excited and will be getting one…or two…okay, maybe the three-pack right away. You no longer need to decide how weight down your bag between what you need to carry, and what will fit around the bricks for the day.


They have them available individually or as a neat 3-pack for people that like to switch up their pain for the day. Their compact size is really going to be beneficial for people like me that normally just use the smaller GR Echo ruck. Some of the other benefits:

GORUCK Ruck Plate Pros

  • Cast Iron with a breaking strength about 90,000 lb.
  • Made to fit in the pocket in all GORUCK brand original bags
  • Super Gainz when using one
  • Everyone one else with bricks will not have as much room for dry socks

Don’t wait, buy them at GORUCK.com

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with these ruck plates, yet? I know they were designed to fit into the original rucks, but I’m wondering if they need any additions in order to keep them high in the ruck. Perhaps they lay so flat it’s a non-issue? I’d be interested in someone’s insight!

    1. Hi Matt: Depending on the ruck you have, you can either use the back-plate area, or the laptop pouch for the plates. The plates are great because they take up less space, and can be positioned close to your body – exactly what you want in ruck weight. Good luck, and feel free to reach out anytime as I work with GORUCK, and chose to work with GORUCK because I believe so strongly in the rucking revolution.

      1. Thanks, Christian. I think I may not have expressed my question clearly. In the videos when Jason is packing a 30lb GORUCK plate in the laptop pouch, it looks to me like there are 4-8 inches still left in the top of the compartment. This means that the weight would not be evenly distributed, but would be filling just the bottom 3/4 of the laptop compartment. It seems to me that GORUCK would have made the plates fit better for ideal weight distribution. Though, that would have meant they would only fit in the GR0 and up, I suppose.

        1. Matt: so, yea, I get that. The issue is that we have the GR2, which is huge 40L, and the GR Echo, which is only 16L. I currently keep a 20lb plate in my ruck at all times, and have no issues. Yes, it seemingly sinks lower in my GR1 or GR2 than my GR0, but more than wearing the weight high, the most notable benefit is having the weight close to your body and thin. One thing I’ve seen is people using the internal pouch (incidentally what I call the laptop space as I never use the back panel for a laptop), and use the loops inside to cinch the weight via the handles. Just depends on your overall goals and individual comfort. Keep the questions coming because it really helps us, too.

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