Death Race Update : Andy Speaks

Peter Borden and Andy Weinber

After this morning’s story in which Joe Desena pondered closing the Death Race for good, there was a lot of speculation. Many in the community thought it might be part of the “gamesmanship” that makes up the Death Race. Others offered up that it was merely a marketing ploy. ORM reached out to Death Race Co-Founder Andy Weinberg to ask him his thoughts on the article.

This is what he communicated with us.

Like many companies we have to agree unanimously and we currently have a disagreement on how to operate. i have an opinion and want to keep the race going forever because I’m passionate about it and I know it’s changed lives and others are passionate about it. We’re in the process of working out those differences. Registration is open and we have 100 plus athletes registered.

We can confirm that the registration page is open. We will have more on this story as it develops.

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