Death Race Finish 2015

We can’t possibly give you an exact play by play of everything that has happened since Friday 2am.

We can give you some broad strokes, as we are receiving this info fast and furious from Joe De Sena, Pete Coleman, Johnny Waite and others from Peak Races on the ground in Pittsfield, and are attempting to keep it as accurate as possible.

This year, the theme of the Death Race was “Life”.

The participants were “born” by having to breath through a tube under water inside of sleeping bags. Then they took their first steps in their undies, then they were all tied together like school children and went on a 30 mile hike to Bloodroot.

Those that stayed in then spent their childhood and adolescent years in “school”.  In school, they had to learn or they wouldn’t get to go on. They spent hours rolling, bear crawling, flipping, etc. There was chinese and latin. Oh, and there were leeches.

If they “graduated”, they went on to their “working years”, which was having a 3rd of their body weight on their backs and doing hard labor and doing mile laps, which ended at midnight last night.

Side note: As if being awake this long, and working so hard wasn’t enough, the weather did not help. There have been heavy wind and rain that has come in for the majority of the 2nd half of this year’s race.

It was pre-determined that there would be 6 “Finishers’ prior to the Death Race even starting. So when midnight came around, the lead male had done 9 laps. The lead female had done 5 laps.

The top 3 males in order were Daniel Kaali, Eric Anderson, and Dallas D’Aoust.

The top female is Wynona Luz.

Those people then got to rest and reflect in their “Golden Years of Life”.



There were then 2 spots remaining for Top Finishers.

So the remaining 34 participants had to participate in something called “4000 Ways to Fuck Up A 10 Miler”, which consisted of 1000 burpees, situps, squats, and pushups. Those that had raised a lot for charity got massive discounts on the burpees. The fastest finisher was Scott Gregor and he became the 5th finisher.

There was one spot left, but the next two decided to finish together and were given a tie for 6th. They were Chris Rice and Mike Shaddow.

Those 7 were then buried alive. Prior to being buried, they had to read their own eulogies.

Prior to the race beginning, participants were asked to have a friend receive an email at a certain time of the race. Turns out that email was asking the friend/family member to write their eulogy.

We asked Joe De Sena what the remaining 31 participants receive. He told us they are being called “Unofficial Finishers”. They do not receive a skull or a tombstone, but they get to keep their bib and they also receive “notoriety on finishing the hardest death race”.

The 7 finishers were let out of their graves after a certain amount of time and handed not skulls, but headstones.

Joe also wanted to be sure to give us a list of names of all the help he got this year making this Death Race happen.

He told us

“You need to know about all of the amazing people that put this on. Luke Gregory, Robin Crossman, Pete Coleman, Johnny Waite, Mark Webb, Josh Zitomer, Jason Jaksetic, Marion Abrams, Darren De Hares, Norm Koch, Eric Ashley, Bryan Selm, Melissa Kaufman, Moni Mobley, Peter Borden, Verna Borden, I may be forgetting some more”.

We then had to ask the big question:

“Was this the last Death Race?”

He told us:

“I thought it was done, but when I see people that are so inspiring like Amelia and Olof. When I see such unrelenting people like Patrick Mies, that when there is nothing but carnage around and Patrick is smiling and saying “It’s the motherfuckin’ death race dude!”

I may want to keep doing it but rethink this whole thing

Can we maybe teach the whole field something without failing so many?

For the last 8 months, we have been working with the military to create The Spartan Agoge. This may be the next step. Where it’s not about all the DNFs. It’s about learning and succeeding.

So, as always with The Death Race. More to be revealed…


Left to Right-Wynona, Eric, Mike, Chris, Daniel, Scott, Dallas


We have received new information, as of June 29th, at 9:00am EST. For full details on the update see this article.


As of 06/28/2015 7:00PM EST, courtesy of Peak Races Founder Joe De Sena, we have the list of finishers for the final Death Race. We had previously stated there was 31 finishers but it turns out there is 35 total finishers.


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*This article was updated on June 29th for full details on the update see this article.

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  1. Are we permitted a glimpse of the eulogies of the seven finishers? It would be marvellous to read and to gain insight into what makes up the people that have been victorious in this incredible achievement. Thanks.

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