Data Points for Top Runners At WTM 2016

When I was listening to World’s Toughest Mudder Podcast 2016 Part III, Matt B. Davis, mentioned wanting to see something like the graphs shown below. Basically, the graphs are looking for a comparison of the runners and how the lead changed with the top athletes over time. However, once I dug into the data, I could see other conclusions and observations. Below are my observations and conclusions.

To really understand the graph, you have to study each curve one at a time to make your own conclusions. If you see something I didn’t or want some clarification, please post a comment.

WTM 2016 Males Who Held a Top 5 Spot

  • Ryan Woods started to fade at lap 8. He quit trying hard at lap 10 but hung around till the end completing another lap.
  • Jake Hegge started to fade at lap 6 and really slowed at lap 8 but hung around for the full 24 hours.
  • Junyong Pak was going really strong until he was medically pulled at lap 13.
  • Nickademus Hollon clearly started fading at lap 12. At lap 14 he really slowed down. He stopped at lap 15.
  • Wesley Kerr was fairly steady. I don’t see any big changes in his pace. He was not able to pickup the pace at the end like Matthew Hansen and Timothy Oliver.
  • Matthew Hansen was steady and picked up the pace a little at the end.
  • Timothy Oliver was steady and picked up the pace more than Matthew Hansen did to take 4th place.
  • Kris Mendoza couldn’t stay with Austin Azar and Trever Cichosz after lap 12. He was very steady though.
  • Austin Azar picked up the pace after lap 12. He started hunting the guys in front of him. However, he couldn’t hold it after lap 19.
  • Trevor Cichosz was just consistent and fast. Trevor allowed Austin to pass him and clearly stayed with him till Austin couldn’t hold the pace anymore.


WTM 2016 Females Who Held a Top 5 Spot

  • Jade Belzberg went out really fast, including winning the Green bib, then stopped after Lap 6.
  • Allison Tai picked up the pace at lap 10. Allison started struggling at lap 12; She didn’t recover for the rest of the race. Side note, I was there when here knee pain started and she could not maintain her pace any longer.
  • Kristy McBride was steady.
  • April Harwig was steady till lap 15 and then faded fast.
  • Morgan McKay was steady until lap 12 where she had some trouble but then recovered.
  • Susanne Kraus was just steady and able to pickup the pace at the end to take 2nd.
  • Stephanie Bishop slowed down at lap 13 but her lead was so big that it didn’t matter that she slowed down.


Jason Nicholson

I have been doing OCR on and off for about 4 years. I enjoy World's Toughest Mudder because of the people I meet, the character I get to build preparing for the monster that is WTM, and the challenge of finding my limits in WTM. With respect to data analysis, I have a strong background in engineering and math.

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