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Civilian Military Combine announced today that it will be returning with new events in 2016. You may remember CMC for the series of events they ran from 2011 to 2014, combining a CrossFit-style “pit” competition followed by a more traditional obstacle course race. The series received good reviews, and many were disappointed when they cancelled their 2015 dates. It should be noted that, unlike some race series, they did the right thing and gave full refunds for their cancelled events.

We talked with Director, Rich Rosa at length last week who was able to update us on the reboot of the brand. While they figured out how to position themselves as a sustainable race series, they put the company on “pause” for 2015. Now they have regrouped and made some new partnerships, and are ready to start lining up venues. In a few weeks they will announce their first dates for the fall of 2016, including an event shortly after Labor Day in New York City.

We also reached out to CMC’s new VP Event Operations, Garfield Griffiths, who is now on the CMC team after producing his own OCR events, and later doing great work for Savage Race. Garfield is also Director of Race Operations and Course Designer for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships.

ORM: How many events will you put on in 2016?

GG: We are doing a “soft” re-launch in 2016. I estimate 3 – 4 events in the fall of 2016. But in 2017, its game on.

ORM: Where will they take place?

GG: Mainly the northeast at this point as that was initial CMC market. But we are discussing other markets, but nothing in stone as of writing this.

ORM: What will the distance of the races be?

GG: I am looking to keep the obstacle race section of CMC to around 5 miles with about 30 obstacles (give or take).

ORM: Will participants have a choice of doing pit, race, both?

GG: We are offering a “choose your level” concept based on the participant’s fitness level. Participants can either take option 1) The full CMC experience, which includesThe PIT™, a 5-minute “WOD” (workout of the day) style workout with your own personal scorekeeper. It is a unique feature to CMC. FromThe PIT™, it’s then straight into our 5-mile, obstacle heavy course (ok, you can grab water first…lol). Your final score is a tally from your reps inThe PIT™ and your course time. TheThe PIT™ will be broken into different levels. You choose your workout based on your athletic ability, so it shouldn’t be intimidating to people. In fact, it’s a great experience that people will want to take advantage of. I am very confident that after seeing TheThe PIT™ in action, people will sign up for the full CMC experience next time.


BUT, if you’re not feeling ready forThe PIT™, we have option 2) RACE ONLY. Here you simply bypass The PIT™.  Just sign up and take on our amazing 5(ish) mile obstacle course, with around 30 larger than life, military grade obstacles.

ORM: Is the “scoring format” changing from the previous CMC?

GG: I want to ensure our competitors have the most amazing experience, and that includes reviewing all aspects of the race. Starting with The PIT™, I am working with Mohammed Iqbal at Sweatworks (creators of the original CMC scoring platform) and CrossFit alumnus Brian Vagnini from to improve, simplify, and speed up The PIT™ process so that people can use that momentum going into the course.

Another way that CMC hopes to distinguish themselves from the crowded field of obstacle course races is their choice of venues. Rosa explained that rather than trying to find the next open field or paintball location, CMC is working with venues that can offer more than just the virtue of being underused and available: think stadiums, resorts, casinos and even military installations. This will make the logistics of setting up a course that much simpler for the organizers as well as provide a more enjoyable experience for the competitors and their fans. For more information and updates about upcoming races, you can check their website:

CMC Pit and cargo nets


The complete press release is below

For immediate release
Contact: Melanie Caramore, 516-504-2108,



New York, NY (Monday, February 8, 2016) Civilian Military Combine, LLC, best known as CMC, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Circle TPR and TeamWork Event Specialists. CMC is a unique obstacle course race that is paired with a challenging WOD style cross-training workout phase known as “The PIT™”. This new partnership takes advantage of CMC’s revised business model which is innovative in the industry.

This new energized model offers venues the flexibility to co-brand and promote the race with their own name, to control consumer marketing for the event, and to enjoy all revenues from participant registration, spectator fees, sponsorships, accommodations, food and beverages, parking and retail merchandising. To support its venue partners, CMC will also offer Corporate Packages for teams wishing to utilize the course on the weekday’s preceding regular events, exposing CMC and its venues to the retreat and team building community.

Richard Rosa, a spokesperson for CMC, says “We are thrilled to have two new world class partners to help take CMC in the direction of our great new program. Outdoor sports stadiums, entertainment facilities, military installations, public spaces, and resort destinations are all ideally suited to present the CMC and to benefit from this unique model and our participants, who represent the most desirable demographic for these venues.”

Michael Visconti, COO of Circle TPR says “We are excited to have Civilian Military Combine as part of our suite of offerings along with our other brands and venue relationships. At the forefront of a fitness revolution, CMC provides a great platform for experiential marketing with huge potential as a global health and lifestyle brand.”

CMC has also announced the engagement of one of the country’s top obstacle race producers, Garfield Griffiths, as its new VP Event Operations. As Director of Race Operations and Course Designer for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, Garfield Griffiths brings his vast experience and design creativity to the new CMC. Per Mr. Griffiths, “I have been a fan of the unique CMC “Hybrid Obstacle Race” concept for a few years. The mix of a WOD style cross-training challenge as a precursor to tackling a 5-mile military-inspired obstacle race is exciting for people trying our sport for the first time. It’s a refreshing change for those who already enjoy obstacle course racing. I am honored to be a part of the CMC team”.

An announcement of the 2016 schedule with dates and venues is expected to be posted on the CMC website soon. The website may be accessed by going to

For more information of how a destination may become affiliated with CMC, venue managers are directed to contact Richard Rosa at or call 516-504-2118. CMC is also looking to hire regional General Managers to work directly with our venue partners. Those inquiries should be directed to

About Civilian Military Combine (CMC)

Founded in 2011, CMC is a health and lifestyle fitness brand that has developed a highly recognized, cutting edge, military inspired obstacle course race, featuring The PIT™ a challenging WOD-style cross training element that starts the race. CMC was specifically designed to level the playing field between endurance and strength athletes, and is an event for everyone – men and women, young and old, who live a life of athleticism, community and patriotism.

About Circle TPR (“Circle”)

Circle is a leading guest experience company seamlessly combining cutting edge technologies and innovative thinking to deliver truly effective and compelling brand and consumer experiences both online and in the real world. As a global creative + production agency, Circle’s resources provide total business solutions.

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Teamwork Event Specialists is a full-service national event contractor specializing in private and corporate events, user group meetings, and trade shows.
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