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Update 6:19pm EST  10.31.13

The full length interview has been uploaded. You can learn a lot more about Jeff Suffolk and Human Movement. He talks about who they are, why they are taking this on, and what they think the future of OCR and themed races are.

It can be found by clicking here.


Here is this morning’s original post:

People in Arizona who signed up for the Run For Your Lives event (and zombie fans everywhere) were sorely disappointed when they found out that RFYL went under. In a story, we broke yesterday; Reed Street Productions, who produces the zombie OCR series, was canceling this weekend’s event in Phoenix as well as all future events.

This morning, salvation arrived. (Insert Dead/Undead Reference here). Jeff Suffolk, the founder and president of Human Movement LLC, contacted Obstacle Racing Media to let us know they are taking over the remaining Run For Your Lives events and producing them on their own dime.

Human Movement Management is the team behind such successful events as Dirty Girl, 5K Foam Fest, The Color Run, The Ugly Sweater Run, and The Zombie Run.

The Zombie Run is what participants who paid for RFYL events in Phoenix, Austin, and Orlando will experience in lieu of the previously cancelled RFYL events. Human Movement is also making it possible for participants to register for these three events by relaunching ticket sales through

In a 45-minute exclusive interview with ORM, Jeff explained that his company is tired of seeing races go under, and the community get screwed in the process. He told us “even if only 400 people show up and we can produce a good event for them, we’ve done our job and kept 400 people doing these types of events in the future”.

If you purchased tickets for any 2013 RFYL event and want to know more, Human Movement will be announcing more details on their Facebook page and through emails.. They will be posting details on the RFYL Facebook page as well. Questions not answered there can be answered by


Matt B. Davis

is the host of the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast and the author of "Down and Dirty-The Essential Training Guide for Obstacle Races and Mud Runs". He is also the only (known) #wafflehouseelite obstacle racer.
  1. Well done, Human Movement, LLC! I’m sure many disappointed racers out there really appreciate you stepping up. Thank you for contributing to our community in such a positive way. Side note: ugly sweater run? This I may need to do…

    1. I’m doing the Ugly Sweater Run in Omaha this year. It should be fun. I’m hoping to get a light up sweater!

      I’ve also wanted to do a RFYL event, but none have been close enough. I’m excited at the possibility of doing one in the future thanks to Human Movement!

  2. Just can’t kill these Zombies. Shrewd move by Human Movement. They will generate a lot of loyalty by doing this.

  3. That is awesome. It is apparent that there are those that want these races to suceed and are stepping up to the plate. Way to go Human Movement!!

  4. I’m happy that you guys are stepping in. We had purchased tickets to the March 2014 event in Pomona CA can you let me know if it’s still happening!

      1. That is wonderful news! Will there be an email blast w confirmation on So Cal keeping their run date in March 2014?

  5. I would have to say that this is great news for the OCR community. Well done human movement, LLC well done.

  6. this is awesome i live in Seattle wa and purchased a ticket to do the TX Austin one as a zombie and the plane ticket i was gonna be out so much when this was cancelled so abruptly now just hope that they do it on the same day so i can do this one now instead.

    Thanks and anyone know where the actual fb page for these lovely ppl are as RFYL is taken down so they cant update anything on there now.

  7. Glad to see you come to the rescue. My Wife and I aren’t exactly your target demographic at ages 65 and 60 respectively but we’ve participated in events the past 2 years in Temecula CA and Wright City MO. I was excited to see the Kansas City event planned giving it’s only an hour trip from here in Topeka KS. I won’t have to split an allegiance now between RFYL and The Zombie Run..Good luck in your endeavors and we hope you the Zombie runs contnue to attract fresh meat

  8. What if we purchased entry into a 2014 Event? Will that be honored or is this only for 2013 events?

  9. You guys should get someone down there to cover the construction and resurrection of the Phoenix race. Bound to be mass chaos and I’d love to read the behind the scenes effort to resurrect this race. ..

  10. I signed up for the NorCal event in Vallejo for April 2014. My team was going to sign up under the code for 50% off promotion so half off us got on before they cancelled the event that night. Can the rest of my team still be able sign up for the rate we have?

  11. Erroneous! Human Movement took over Reed Street illegally. If you really wanted to help out, Jeff, you would tell everyone the truth and remain transparent. Your actions alone will sink these fun runs in the future

    1. Alex,

      Please contact me or the court trustee in charge of this bankruptcy ASAP.
      Richard M. Kremen
      DLA Piper LLP (US)
      The Marbury Building
      6225 Smith Avenue
      Baltimore, MD 21209-3600
      (410) 580-4494

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