2020 Spartan Season Pass Info Released

2020 Spartan Season Pass


This article is about 2020, 2021 Season Pass Info Is Here.

Spartan teased the information for the 2020 Season Passes earlier today.

The Season Pass has always been a popular choice amongst Spartan enthusiasts to get the most bang for their buck. This year, Spartan is including even more with their Season Pass (for even more USD).

The Elite Season Pass is also changing for 2020 – Elite competitors will have to qualify AND apply to run as Elite. The Season Pass will be fully gated, meaning you will not be able to sign up before submitting qualifying information

Season Passholders Receive:

  • Unlimited US Races (Includes Spartan Trail)
  • 50% Discounts off Spartan Ultra & Agoge events
  • One (1) Spectator Pass per event
  • Multi-Lap Discounts
  • Passholder T-shirt
  • Passholder Hat
  • Passholer Jacket
  • 10% Merch Discount at all races

How to Sign Up For Season Passes:

Open Wave Season Pass Sign Up

Age Group Season Pass Sign Up

Trifecta Pass

$349 – Any Wave for Stadion, Sprint, Super, and Beast.

2020 Elite Season Pass: Article here on Qualifications & Application process.

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Josh Chace has been an obstacle and endurance race enthusiast for the last five years. He is a 2017 Team MudGear Athlete and is a co-host of the New England Spahtens Show podcast.
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  1. I see an open and elite pass, but what about age group? Do you have a link to purchase that?

  2. The $100 off is a nice perk for repeat season pass holders. But how are they only giving us 2 weeks notice to decide and allocate this amount of money towards a 2020 pass, especially when it is still August? I believe we had much more time to make this decision in previous years. Also, I like that the elite division is going to be more selective, allowing only the top racers to enter that division. However, what if I feel I am good enough to race in elite, apply, but get denied? What if that decision made by Spartan Race doesn’t happen until after 9/7? Am I now stuck having to pay for the age group or open season pass without the nice $100 discount? Doesn’t seem very fair to me. And if I were denied from the elite pass, am I denied from all elite heats for the year? What if by December of 2020 I’m talented enough to compete for an elite podium spot? Hope some of this gets cleared up.

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