2018 United States Spartan Championship Series

Spartan US Championship Series

We are getting our first look at what may turn out to be the 2018 US Spartan Championship Series.

In 2016, Spartan rolled out this new series to much success. It was a big change for Spartan, as previously, top racers had over 5o races a year to choose from for various bragging rights and paydays. There was no true beginning or end of any sort of “race season”. Now the elite could focus on this series, along with the traditional end of year Championship races put on by various OCR companies.

The events from that first year were Monterey, Montana, Palmerton, Asheville and Breckenridge.

In 2017, the US Champs Series events were back at Monterey, Palmerton, and Ashevile, but replaced Montana and Breckenridge with West Virginia and Seattle.

A little birdie pointed out that you could find a hint to the 2018 races at the following events. You will notice on the Spartan website, the following races all have a US Champ Series logo in the corner.

2/24 – South Florida (Miami) Sprint

4/14 – Seattle Super

5/19 – SoCal (Big Bear) Beast

7/28 – Utah Super

8/25 – West Virginia Beast

We have reached out to Spartan Race for comment and will give you more details as we have it.

UPDATE November 15, 2017

3/24 – San Jose Super

4/14 – Seattle Super

5/19 – SoCal (Big Bear) Beast

6/23 – Chicago Super

7/28 – Utah Super

8/25 – West Virginia Beast (North American Championship)

9/29 – TBD (Spartan World Championship)

Update – Here is more info on the 2018 Global Championship Series

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  1. It would appear that Spartan is shifting its marketing interests out west. Pretty tough for athletes in the East to compete in series. Is that intentional ?

    1. Have you seen how many races are on the east coast compared to the west? I live in portland, and I promise you way more races are available to those in the east. Most people here just do seattle 2 times a year and everything else is kind of far away.

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