2015 BattleFrog Series Cup Money Winners

Just when you thought you had read the last OCR post of the year…

We just received word that the Top 30 elite male and female, and the top 15 elite masters male and female points and money has been calculated!

No surprises on the elite male top dog, Ryan Atkins never lost a BattleFrog that he appeared in. Lindsay Webster edged out K.K. Paul for top female spot with her win at The BattleFrog Championships on December 12th.

Masters champion male is LeEarl Rugland. For those that don’t know LeEarl has been around since 2012, making him an OG in the sport. He made a name for himself podium finishes at the now defunct Hard Charge race series. Masters female champion is Elvy Lapointe. We have never met or spoken to Ms. Lapointe, but a quick internet search tells us she is a Canadian triathlete. We hope to speak with her soon and learn more about her.

Special thanks to Ben Killary who sent us the below information at a time when a lot of folks are taking the day off.

Ben made sure to tell us:

“These are the 2015 BattleFrog Series Cup money winners. A final and full ranking of all 2015 BattleFrog Elite competitors will be updated and released via the BattleFrog Series website next week.”

2015 BattleFrog Series Cup Money Winners


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