2013 Spartan World Championship Weekend Preview Part III

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Roll Call

We wanted to find out what was weighing on the minds of the elite racers leading up to this weekend’s big races in Vermont. So, we reached out to several of them to ask a few questions. We inquired who they were, where they were from, and which race(s) they were running this weekend. We also gleaned insight into their individual goals and if there was anything else they wanted to share.


MagidaName: David Magida  City: Washington, DC, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday
Obviously, I approach every race with the goal of winning. But, with this competition, it’s no joke just to finish in the top 10. I won’t be satisfied if I’m not on the podium, however. People I hope to beat – my main target has always been Hobie Call. He’s generally the guy on everyone’s mind. But I personally want another shot at legendary marathoner German Silva, who beat me by 2 minutes at the Valle de Bravo Super Spartan in Mexico. The obstacles at that race were pretty basic and he had no issues with them. I believe he will find the obstacles in Vermont to be significantly more challenging and I plan to gain significant time on obstacles throughout the race. The steepness of the slopes should also neutralize a great deal of his speed. That being said, just to run alongside him again is an incredible experience. Racing side by side with Silva for four miles in Mexico is one of the highlights of my racing career. And of course, I have unfinished business with Hunter and Brakken


Name: Alec Blenis  From: Roswell, GA, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday
#1 Goal is to podium. My #2 goal is to make the top 10. Magida and I have had a friendly rivalry going all year so I’d love to beat him a in the big race. I always love beating Elliott too.




Name: Deanna Blegg  City: Kangaroo Ground, Australia.  Race(s): Beast Saturday. Maybe Ultra Beast Sunday
Goals: To be a part of it this weekend. To enjoy and FEEL the event. I do not have any goals to “beat” anyone. I cannot change how anyone else performs. The only thing I have control of is how I perform. My goal is to perform at my best. If I do that I am happy.

German Silva

Name: German Silva  City: San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  Race(s): Beast Saturday
Goals: Be competitive, having fun, enjoy pain. To best anyone? Everybody, no one specifically, myself.


MargaretName: Margaret Schlachter  City: Salt Lake City, UT, USA.  Race(s): Ultra Beast Sunday
It’s been a year since I moved from Vermont to Utah. For me it’s a homecoming. MY only goal is to enjoy my time on the mountain. After a major injury in June, I am still fighting to get healthy again for races in the future. So I don’t have anyone I want to best or anything I need to prove. I have always done well in Killington this year it’s about having some fun on the mountain, that has given me so much.


PakName: Junyong Pak  City: Beverly, MA, USA.  Race(s): Ultra Beast Sunday
I wish there were a better opportunity for all of us to be in the same race, one that doesn’t have any distractions, but I need to do this Ultra Beast. I need to win it. If anyone is going to stop me they better have a lot of miles under their belt. If that guy Matt [Novakovich] is going to be there, it should be a good race.



BrakkenName: Brakken Kraker  City: West Allis, WI, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday, Charity Challenge on Sunday
My goal for this weekend is to compete and hold my own against some of the best endurance athletes in the world.  I’m not a big fan of making predictions or revealing exact goals before a race. But at the same time, I’m not racing to lose. I don’t think any of the top guys are hoping to get beat on Saturday, so it should be a pretty incredible battle. I’m really looking forward to competing against the Olympians and professional athletes. Very rarely does someone get to line up against a field of people who are truly world-class, so this is a an incredible opportunity.
I look forward to seeing what happens when an Olympian or world-class athlete from another realm gets to that bad point in a race, when things start to unravel. It will be awesome to see that drive and toughness that got them to where they are at.

NovakovichName: Matt Novakovich  City: Anchorage, AK, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday
I’ve only done one obstacle course race to date so far. My goals revolve around managing what I can control and fueling myself properly. In the past few weeks since that race, I’ve made an attempt to master all of the obstacles that might give me trouble. As long as the spear throw isn’t over 75 feet, I should be good. My history is so limited I don’t even know what I can do yet. I know very little about my competition and hope that during the race they’re talkative and I can get more acquainted.


MeelsName: Amelia Boone  City: Chicago, IL, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday, Ultra Beast Sunday
Goals: I’m looking to not completely tear my calf while I hobble up the mountain.




OlofName: Olof Dallner  City: New York, NY, USA.  Race(s): Ultra Beast
Just doing the ultra beast I have fairly moderate goals this weekend. Been training for quintuple Ironman 2 weeks after ultra beast so not so much tapering for the ultra beast. It’s sort of training. Don’t know who’s doing it, but I will do my own race. Where that leaves me in the end, we will see. It’s going to be fun though and I’m looking forward to see my girlfriend Caitlin running the beast on Saturday and also seeing a lot of good friends. I hope to also see some of my friends who are doing the Team Death Race.


ElliottName: Elliott Megquier  City: Fort Drum, NY, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday and Sunday.
Goal is to give it all and do the best I can on Saturday. Sunday, be the top runner who raced on Saturday for the Beast. The best part will be to see how things play out at the end of the points series.



HobieName: Hobie Call  City: Erda,UT, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday
I’m just hoping to do my best. Wherever that lands me is good enough.





HunterName: Hunter Garrahan McIntyre  City: New York, NY, USA.  Race(s): Beast Saturday, Charity Challenge on Sunday
To win and show the world big boys can run too. I don’t want to beat any one.I’d rather just run the best race of my life




Matt MurphyName: Matt Murphy City: Central Coast, Australia.  Race(s): Beast Saturday
Can’t really best anyone when I have no clue how fast they are. I just know if you’re in front of me, you must have worked bloody hard, so well done. “Don’t be nervous if you have done the miles, they will shine on the day”




CorinneName: Corinne Kohlen City: San Luis Obispo,CA, USA  Race(s): Beast Saturday, Ultra Beast Sunday
I’m still injured so I won’t be racing but I’ll still be on the course with the goal of to finish the beast on Saturday, and the Ultra on Sunday without pushing too hard or getting hurt. I don’t need to beat anyone this year, just want to be part of the suffering with great friends.


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EliseName: Elise Fugowski City: Vernon, NJ, USA  Race(s): Beast Saturday
Being my first Beast, I’m approaching the race with the some quality advice and the same goal I have every race: be competitive and don’t F it up. While I can’t wait to see how I hold up against the first-class athletes that will be competing, the ultimate competition will be between the mountain and myself. As long as I finish healthy and with a smile on my face, it will be a good day!

Cody MoatName: Cody Moat City: Fillmore, UT, USA  Race(s): Beast Saturday
Goal: Take 1st Place out of Thyroid inflicted people. I’ve had serious thyroid problems all summer and haven’t been able to race. So I’m just hoping for the best. I don’t know what I can do but it’s been a hard summer. I hope to finish in the Top Ten.


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  1. I hope Pak switches to the Beast so that him, Call, and Novakovich can battle for the crown. Ideally it would be epic to see those 3 on the UB course but the Beast money is too high to see that!

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    Do we know if the obstacles are gonna be any different from the ones we usually see on a Spartan Race course? Seems to me it would be a good time for them to innovate a little bit

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