Monkey Nets


A new obstacle for 2014 is the Monkey Net over water.  For this obstacle you approach a pit of water and step up on to a bar or log so you can reach the cargo net that hangs over it. You then use the cargo net as if it is a set of monkey bars and work your way across until you reach the bell at the end.  It is encouraged to kick the bell at the end instead of hit it with your hand but any way will count.  One of the fun parts here is that no matter if you complete it or not, you end up jumping into the water either when you fail or after you smack the bell.


There so far have been two slight variations on this obstacle at Spartan Race’s.  There is the standard version and then there is the pyramid variation. The pyramid variation to this basically means you climb upwards for the first half on the cargo net and then downwards for the second half, this is much harder.

Monkey Net Obstacle Tips and Tricks

When you approach the obstacle you will need to get on to the initial bar so that you can reach the cargo net, don’t rush this. If it is a metal bar it will be very slippery.  If this is the case go to the edge of the obstacle where you can stabilize yourself on the wall that supports it. Otherwise just be cautious so you don’t end up in the water before the obstacle even gets started.


Another thing is that you don’t want to get swinging too much once you are up there unless you are very skilled in this type of obstacle. It is monkey bars but unlike normal monkey bars the cargo net moves up and down based on your weight on the cargo net and the weight and motion of people around you. If you are swinging fast with little control and you reach for a hand hold that is just shifted, you are going to have a wet time ahead of you plus 30 burpees.

That’s all there is to it, get out there and run a Spartan Race.




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